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Late to the Party
Peter Brown publishes Taurid threat paper, dusts The Bos
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An instructive video accompanies the paper

I’m trying to get out of town for a beach weekend, but I’ve wanted to get this paper up for days. The newly prominent role of the Taurids among American space scientists, with the role of The Bos discussed in a recent Tusk post here, is peculiar but not unwelcome. Fortunately, and perhaps for sake of the authors’ sense of integrity, the Bos did not make the cut for this publication or the press release — despite pimping the research to WaPo during AGU 2019.

The Bos has conducted himself so poorly and unscientifically with regard to the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, in which the Taurids have played an integral role, it would be unseemly in the extreme to allow him to pick the authors’ cherries.

As for Peter Brown, welcome! Brown certainly has paid his dues publishing on Near Earth Objects. I note however that his career acknowledgments of the Taurid threat are zero, best I can tell.  Contrast this with Bill Napier. But at least Brown wasn’t out throwing rocks at other scientists and dropping banana peels as they work.

Brown et al. treat their proposed Taurid sky survey in coming weeks as something of a test, perhaps even a challenge to Clube, Napier and Asher’s giant comet theory.  The Tusk would be unscientific in the extreme if we did not welcome the challenge and promise to keep readers posted. But in the meantime, keep an eye on these guys — as they watch out for us.

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