A persistent critic of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis and the Comet Research Group has lately gone quiet on our favorite subject. As the supporting papers and independent confirmations have rolled in, Mark “The Bos” Boslough, is scarcely heard from. His last report even seemed a clumsy attempt to scramble on board with a central conclusion of the hypothesis.

In this context, it is worth revisiting one of the many arrogant comments that will come to haunt the former Sandia Labs scientist. In 2013 he penned a letter to the Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences attempting to undermine Harvard’s discovery of a Platinum peak at the start of the Younger Dryas as a confirmation of the previous CRG publications claiming a cataclysm had occurred.

In response to the findings of Pataev et al. “Large Pt anomaly in the Greenland ice core points to a cataclysm at the onset of Younger Dryas,” The Bos writes:

However, a representative range of assumptions for velocity and entry angle yields a crater of between 15 and 20 km in diameter, unlikely to have eluded discovery.

Mark Boslough, Greenland Pt anomaly may point to noncataclysmic Cape York meteorite entry

Not six years later, the 31 kilometer Hiawatha Crater was discovered a mere 170 miles north of the location of the Cape York Meteorites. By his own logic, The Bos’ missive to the publication was rendered entirely baseless.

What else should we keep an eye out for, Bos?

Distance from Hiwatha Crater to Cape York Meteorites
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