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YDIH Literature Review Part One
Martin Sweatman goes deep into Younger Dryas bibliography 2007 - 2009
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Martin Sweatman, when not writing a profound book, is building quite a nice catalog of videos concerning the YDIH and related subjects. This one is particularly welcome and represents the best walk-though of the debate, paper by paper, twist by turn, since Hancock’s careful narration here. This is invaluable science communication and should be viewed by anyone interested in the subject, pro or con, veteran or newbie. And this is only Part One: 2007 – 2009.

Martin used the Tusk’s Complete YDIH bibliography to stage his investigation, which is gratifying, and well timed. Just this weekend Marc Young and I updated the bibliography and I created a dedicated page for it, which will be more prominently featured on the Cosmic Tusk in coming days.