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YouTuber explains worldwide religion in context of the Younger Dryas impact
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Tusk video from Tall el-Hammam

Ben at UnchartedX continues to produce excellent videos concerning the Younger Dryas Cataclysm and related subjects. Just recently he posted this superbly produced review of religious and mythical information and how it perfectly matches the hard science of impacts.

Warning: This stuff is heavy, and as Ben points out, it may offend your spiritual sensibilities to see some of the bible’s most mysterious verse revealed as highly detailed, accurate descriptions of ancient impacts.

In like fashion, the secular, scientifically minded viewer may be repelled by taking ancient religious texts seriously at all, it being “camp fire talk” and storytelling to that crowd.

But in the great middle it will be plainly obvious that both of these poles of thought are carrying too much ideological baggage to see the truth before their eyes. Dramatic and fanciful religious information, when matched with the physical phenomena known to be associated with climate-changing cosmic impacts, reveals the physical truth behind sacred texts — and the blindness of modern science.