Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Tusk and UnchartedX join The Randall Carlson Podcast


Free speech podcasting is an awesome thing. Before our digital overlords take podcasting from us, the Tusk is going to maximize my enjoyment as a consumer and a guest.

Joining geo-bear and catastrophe sherpa Randall Carlson this week was particularly fun. Ben could take the lead with his intricate understanding of Egypt and excellent locution. The Tusk could listen along and chime in when appropriate (I hope!). And lord knows, I love hanging in the pod box with my friends Russ and Kyle Allen of Bandera, Texas (SNAAAKES!) and mega-editor and show maestro Mr. Brad Young.

It takes chemistry for six people to make two hours of complex and controversial material entertaining and interesting. Judging by the comments this show was a success.

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  1. See my commentary from 2003 on the Egyptians’ Book of the Celestial Cow.

    I am pleased to see Carlson remind you of the dates of geological time.
    The two impacts were the Holocene Start Impacts as I have told you multiple times.

  2. David – The impactite layer from the K-T event has been on display in the Smithsonian dinosaur hall for a least 30 years. Yes, it is cometary.

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