Antarctic Tunguska Blasts: Link trove from Heinrich

Paul Heinrich over at the Hall of Maat provides some fine links on the big cold bangs(s):

Direct Links to “Tunguska type blast detected in Antartica” Papers and Articles

Below are the direct links to the Antarctica Tunguska articles and papers:

Articles are:

Clues to Antarctica space blast by Paul Rincon BBC […]

Predictive paper: Nesvorny, Bottke, Vokrouhlicky used astronomy to predict Antarctic stratigraphy

David Nesvorny

I might be pushing the publishing envelope here, but this Science paper was available at several locations on the web for free with no sign-in. For the time being it is now on Scribd:

Therefore, a wave of micrometer sized Datura […]

The paper: Antarctic Blast evidence presented at Lunar and Planetary Conference

Numerical simulations show that stony meteorites with masses in the 10*8 to 10*11 kg range may undergo total disruption during atmospheric entry in the lower layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, in a similar manner to the Tunguska event that occurred over Siberia in 1908 [12]. Modelling also show that at a later stage of a […]

Bang: Ancient Antarctic Blast detected by University of Siena scientists

Big news from the recent Lunar and Planetary Conference at the Woodlands in Texas. A excited article from the BBC breaks the cool story.

A large space rock may have exploded over Antarctica thousands of years ago, showering a large area with debris, according to new research. The […]