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Antarctic Tunguska Blasts: Link trove from Heinrich

Paul Heinrich over at the Hall of Maat provides some fine links on the big cold bangs(s):

Direct Links to “Tunguska type blast detected in Antartica” Papers and Articles

Below are the direct links to the Antarctica Tunguska articles and papers:

Articles are:

Clues to Antarctica space blast by Paul Rincon
BBC News, [news.bbc.co.uk]

Antarctica May Have Been Battered by Huge Explosion
Several thousands years ago, according to a new study.
Softpedia News by Tudor Vieru, March 4th, 2010,

Anarctica’s Tunguska Event. Discovery News,
March 4, 2010, [news.discovery.com]

The paper is:

Engrand, C. B. Narcisi, J. r. Petit, E. Dobrica, and J. Duprat,
2010, Isotopes of EPICA — Dome C Extraterrestrial Dust Layers:
Constraints on the Nature of the Impactors. 41st Lunar and
Planetary Science Conference, held March 1-5, 2010 in The
Woodlands, Texas. LPI Contribution No. 1533, p.1981

PDF file at [www.lpi.usra.edu]
Abstract at [adsabs.harvard.edu]

Related papers are:

1. Misawa, K., M. Kohno, T. Tomiyama, T. Noguchi, T.
Nakamura, K. Nagao, T.Mikouchi, and K. Nishiizumi, 2010,
Two extraterrestrial dust horizons found in the Dome Fuji
ice core, East Antarctica. Earth and Planetary Science
Letters. vol. 289, no. 1-2, pp. 287-297.

Abstract at [dx.doi.org] and [www.ssl.berkeley.edu]

The PDF for the above paper can be downloaded from
the link for this paper at: [www.sciencedirect.com]

2. Narcisi, B., J. Robert Petit, and B. Delmonte, nd, Extended
East Antarctic ice-core tephrostratigraphy Quaternary Science
Reviews, Article in Press, Corrected Proof

Abstract at [dx.doi.org]

3. Narcisi, B., J. R. Petit, and C. Engrand, 2007, First discovery
of meteoritic events in deep Antarctic (EPICA-Dome C) ice cores.
de la Recherche Scientifique & Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France)
Geophysical Research Letters. vol. 34, no. 15, CiteID L1550

Abstract at [adsabs.harvard.edu] and [www.agu.org]

A summary paper about the icecores:

Wolff, E. W., C. Barbante. S. Becagli, and many, many others,
2010, Changes in environment over the last 800,000 years from
chemical analysis. Quaternary Science Reviews. vol. 29,
pp. 285–295.

PDF file at [www.climate.unibe.ch] snd [www.climate.unibe.ch]


Paul H.

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”
William Faulkner, Act 1, Scene III, Requiem for a Nun (1951)

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