Bolide Shockwave Injures 1000+ in Russia: Black Swan -- or I Told You So?

  The Bos! Slow feed but great vids Plugged!: Younger Dryas Impact Event Feb Fireball Season San Fran Cuba and video Japan Miami Brazil 2012 Iowa 1875 and here 1913 Fireball Hush-Up? NASA Urges Vigilance for Weird Fireballs NASA 2012 Press Release “The Fireballs of February” Year of the Snake? Black Swan As readers know, the Tusk is generally uninterested […]

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Again, again, again, again -- and AGAIN!: Jupiter impacts continue to defy NASA estimates

  LIVE UPDATE:  See here to watch tonight for the potential scar of the impact. The Tusk focuses laser-like on impacts experienced by ancient humans. But when called for, I share items from current events that prove our thesis that the rate of cosmic collisions is far greater than generally acknowledged by science (and NASA). Yesterday […]

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Mini Tunguska: The Rio Curuca Impact, Brazil, 1930

The Day the Earth Trembled by John McFarland reposted from the Armagh Observatory here. When the sun began to rise on the morning of 13 August 1930 like any other morning, little did the inhabitants along the banks of the River Curuçá in the Brazilian Amazonas region, near the Peruvian frontier, realise what was about […]

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Video: Lake Cheko at the Tunguska blast site

Tunguska just never gets old, does it?  I came across this video a couple of years ago, Pre-Tusk, but it deserves a post.  Cheko looks a hell of a lot like a Carolina bay to me. David Kimble and Bob Kobres have done some great work demonstrating that bays tend to be associated with streams, […]

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Bang: Two new papers out concerning proposed Younger Dryas Event

Adrian Melott [See here for a news article from December previewing Melott’s March publication.] I’m still unpacking these two brand new papers from Adrian Melott and A.E. Carlson comparing the atmospheric signals of the Tunguska Event and the start of the Younger Dryas, but they appear relatively positive from standpoint of the YDB impact hypothesis. […]

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Antarctic Tunguska Blasts: Link trove from Heinrich

Paul Heinrich over at the Hall of Maat provides some fine links on the big cold bangs(s): Direct Links to “Tunguska type blast detected in Antartica” Papers and Articles Below are the direct links to the Antarctica Tunguska articles and papers: Articles are: Clues to Antarctica space blast by Paul Rincon BBC News, [news.bbc.co.uk] Antarctica May […]

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