Hiawatha Crater

Hiawatha Crater: still smokin'?

I’ve previously posted my frustration with the silence concerning the presumably on-going research to characterize and date this extraordinarily young impact crater in Greenland. I’ll put that rant aside, and repeat the establishment line here (unchanged since the discovery): The cosmic impact crater creating, climate changing, 5-mile deep, 19-mile wide, bowl of molten rock is…
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Ancient tree and plant parts found in Greenland's youthful Hiawatha Crater

The Bos & Co

Bos Bet

Who knew? The Bos is a betting man. The recently retired federal scientist, global warming enthusiast, and unsuccessful Republican candidate for the New Mexico State Senate, tweeted his interest in a wager this week concerning the likelihood that the Hiawatha impact in Greenland would have occurred recently enough to cause the Younger Dryas climate crash, only 12,800 years ago. It’s just like a…
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#Pebblegate over; Tall el-Hammam paper remains published