Chandra Wickramasinghe on the NASA Mars announcement

Panspermia increasingly vindicated

The Tusk is honored to maintain a digital acquaintance with distinguished Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who in the 1970’s with Sir Fred Hoyle established — and to my mind proved — the theory of Panspermia. We had been corresponding concerning the jaw dropping recent genetic study, when NASA announced today’s press conference. I asked Dr. C […]

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International Space Station: Window scum supports Wickramasinghe and Sir Fred's long contention of teeming life in space

  The space station is orbiting the earth in a total vacuum, there is no air, so it is a total defiance of the laws of physics to say these organisms were blown into space from Earth. ‘The only explanation is that they have come from elsewhere in space, and this supports long-held theories that […]

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Half a loaf from B612: Asteroid data from nuke blast detectors calls out faulty impact assumptions; older impact data ignored; nothing new

Live updates and edits underway Press release from B612 Foundation UPDATE:  B612 Impact Video 4-20-14 H264 from D Josh Rosen on Vimeo. The Tusk works mightily to avoid speculating about future cosmic impacts at the expense of reporting evidence for such events in the human past, but recent news intervenes once more. Tomorrow the wires […]

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Bolide Shockwave Injures 1000+ in Russia: Black Swan -- or I Told You So?

  The Bos! Slow feed but great vids Plugged!: Younger Dryas Impact Event Feb Fireball Season San Fran Cuba and video Japan Miami Brazil 2012 Iowa 1875 and here 1913 Fireball Hush-Up? NASA Urges Vigilance for Weird Fireballs NASA 2012 Press Release “The Fireballs of February” Year of the Snake? Black Swan As readers know, the Tusk is generally uninterested […]

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Again, again, again, again -- and AGAIN!: Jupiter impacts continue to defy NASA estimates

  LIVE UPDATE:  See here to watch tonight for the potential scar of the impact. The Tusk focuses laser-like on impacts experienced by ancient humans. But when called for, I share items from current events that prove our thesis that the rate of cosmic collisions is far greater than generally acknowledged by science (and NASA). Yesterday […]

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Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida) Sec.201 (b) UNITED STATES HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT CAPABILITIES.—Congress reaffirms the policy stated in section 501(a) of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2005 (42 U.S.C. 16761(a)), that the United States shall maintain an uninterrupted capability for human space flight and operations in low-Earth orbit, and beyond, as an […]

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Breaking: WISE mission misleads public with confusing comet stats

In my day work I am no stranger to government bureaucracies and “programs” manipulating information about their activities until it suits them to do otherwise.  The WISE mission is no different. In March of this year David Shiga wrote an obviously informed article revealing early results of the WISE mission (below).  Six weeks into WISE’s work, someone […]

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Adults in Charge?: NASA #2 Lori Garver published Neo-Catastrophist!

The frequency of impacts of objects of various sizes is known only to limited precisions. In particular, objects up to several meters in diameter explode in the atmosphere without reaching the surface. Although the energy released in these explosions may be many times greater than that released by the Hiroshima bomb, they most frequently occur […]

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Whipple Watch

Days since NASA’s David Morrison and his “colleagues who do dynamics” have failed to answer Bill Napier’s simple query: 13 or so

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Morrison of NASA disputes Younger Dryas Impact Team -- touts Tusk despite obscurity

Unfortunately, the overcrowded session ran late, and there was no time for discussion or questions. Even when their conclusions were challenged, most of the scientists in the audience chose not to respond. The result was a lost opportunity for real debate. Perhaps not surprisingly, the AGU session received very little press attention. Indeed, following the AGU and GSA meetings, the YD impact hypothesis seems to […]

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