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Scammed!: Harvard publishes salted samples [Sarcasm]

Large Pt anomaly in the Greenland ice core points to a cataclysm at the onset of Younger Dryas  [wonderplugin_pdf src=”https://cosmictusk.com/wp-content/uploads/Large-Pt-anomaly-in-the-Greenland-ice-core-points-to-a-cataclysm-at-the-onset-of-Younger-Dryas.pdf” width=”100%” height=”1024px” style=”border:0;”] In yet another scurrilous feat of…
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Charles Appleton Day

2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question

The Bos & Co

Napier: Not So Fast Bos....

The banner image above is Comet 73/P Schwassman-Wachmann fragmenting in orbit  ABSTRACT Intersection with the debris of a large (50-100 km) short-period comet during the Upper Palaeolithic provides a satisfactory explanation for the catastrophe of celestial origin which has been postulated to have occurred around 12900 BP, and which pre-saged a return to ice age conditions of duration 1300 years.
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#Pebblegate over; Tall el-Hammam paper remains published