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Tall el-Hammam paper gains intense global attention

The Tusk is on another adventure, but I wanted to get out a quick follow-up to last week’s post announcing the Tall el-Hammam paper in Scientific Reports. For the time being, arguably, its the most read scientific paper on earth. This week 250,000 people have read the actual paper on the Nature website itself.

Click for more metrics.


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  1. Thanks Wally! As you know that makes no common sense. Sense unfortunately is no longer common.

  2. George,

    “Common sense” isn’t common.

    Given the announced 2031 arrival of Mega-Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein at Saturn, & current estimate suggests its nucleus, or core, is between 62 to 230 miles (100 to 370 km) in diameter.

    Dr Boslough statistical arguments against the history of Comet Encke, the Cosmic Tusk, and the Tel-El-Hammam impacts just got shot in the head.

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