Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Ted Steele on video on the Coronavirus

25:59 begins explicit discussion of disease from space

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  1. The second interstellar comet that circled close to Earth in October 2019 was called comet C/2019. That comet had fragmented, with most missing Earth. Because it was interstellar the bacteria in the dust trail would have a different DNA than comets from our Ort cloud. Is this why this Pandemic is so bad?
    Most of my friends think I am crazy to think it is Panspermia. I have a hard time putting the blame entirely on the Chinese Government

  2. Thanks Martin. I appreciate your comments. The proposition is that cosmic\comet “dust” particles hosting the virus continue to fall and circulate. Each speck of dust could host millions upon millions of viral particles within it. Some areas would be dusted first, some later, some small scale areas with more enriched particles, some with less. With a general global even-ing over time. And of course, susceptibility of the population and the environment in any given country might make the a bad start get worse quickly. I highly recommend Chandra’s 1980 and 2019 books, Diseases from Space, and Our Cosmic Ancestry in the Stars.

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