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A 3rd communication with Wickramasinghe on Coronavirus from space
Junior scientist Graham Lau plays pseudoscience card on veteran Nature author on
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Update: Tusk sends protest letter to

Dr. Wickramsinghe was kind again to share some preprint journal articles and original communications today with the Tusk. See below and earlier posts concerning Wickramasinghe et al. and Coronavirus from space.

Last night, sciencey talk pup Graham Lau took a real shot at Dr. C in a terribly written article by in with zero balance. The clearly ignorant bro-bearded poser had the gaul to accuse Chandra Wickramasinghe of “pseudoscience.”

As far as I can tell, Wickramasinghe published more peer-reviewed major journal articles in any average six month period over the last fifty years than Lau has over his entire career as a science “communicator,” who styles himself something called a “Cosmobiologist” at his website.

“I think it’s important for scientists to point out pseudoscientists or bad science,” Lau added. “If this was real, it’d be great….”

Graham Lau, March 18, 2020,

N.C. Wickramasignhe has over 60 papers in just Nature itself, most on the subject of astrobiology.

It immediately reminded me of the Plait Affair of 2013, another shameless example of gross contempt for one’s better.

The only thing I could conclude after reading the article was how reckless and disregardful was with the easily known facts concerning Dr. Wickramasinghe’s long-standing good name as a scientist, not to mention the damage this will do to Chandra and his estate’s earning potential.

I’m playing golf soon with a lawyer buddy who specializes in press libel and related matters. Can’t wait to hear what he thinks.

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  1. If they don’t believe that organisms cannot live in space with radiation etc. then tell them to explain tardigrades.