Kerr Watch

Elapsed time since Richard Kerr failed to inform his Science readers of the confirmation of nanodiamonds at the YDB: 6 years, 2 months, and 2 days

YDB impact researchers cite confirmations in recent PNAS paper

The PNAS paper has a helpful bibliography of recent publications supportive of the hypothesis. It’s worth a separate block quote below.

Nice how the links take you to the cites themselves at the PNAS website.

“Some independent workers have been unable to reproduce earlier YDB results for MSp, CSp, and NDs […]

Davias Presents to Geological Society of America on Carolina Bays

I am trying to get the Powerpoint from Michael Davias, which I will post. I am sure it is very, very cool. His website is here:

Goldsboro Ridge: How does a lake form on a hill?



Mars impact plume?

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Beeb Radio: Boslough and Kennett discuss new evidence from Mexico

“If this were the first paper I would have taken it seriously.”

—Mark Boslough, BBC Radio, March 16, 2012

Jim Kennett and Mark Boslough discuss the new evidence from Mexico [8:20]

Tip o’ the Hat to Dennis Cox of A Catastrophe of Comets.