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Vance Holliday disguises rant as lecture
event February 24, 2019 comment 0 Comments

The bibliography of the subject alone refutes Vance Holliday’s absolute and categorical rejection of all evidence for the YDIH in a recent lecture. There are simply too many groups publishing too many papers for all of the evidence to be entirely rejected by anyone, even a persistent critic like Holliday. For gosh sake, the world’s leading climate scientist (who sadly passed just last week) believed there was too much evidence to ignore.

Holliday’s approach here — to reject any all evidence in dozens of peer reviewed major journal articles — is self-evidently anti-science and willfully ignorant. When I worked in politics we referred to an electoral opponent with a similar state of mind as having become “Shrill and hysterical.” They lost.

I hope the school had the courage to film it. If anyone has a video of the lecture please contact me.



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