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Dr. Steele races to confirm smoking gun for Covid from space

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Dr. Ted Steele continues to communicate his heroic effort to compare the genomic sequences of distant Covid-19 infection locations. If the genes show little mutation it could prove the primary infection vector is from above, not handshaking. Unless the intrepid handshaker owned a Gulfstream 6 and managed to press the flesh in several areas of the globe almost simultaneously.

4/25/20 12:39 AM

Dear Chandra and colleagues;

A very large number of complete COVID-19 sequences for- at least ≥ 200  sequences – for period Mar 14 – Mar 22 , start of the rocket phase in NYC – have just been uploaded to NCBI Virus. Even the sample from the tiger in the Bronx Zoo.

So I will have to the analysis in bite-size stage, say 40 in a tranche, as the alignments will be far too big to do quickly on the screen( the scroll freezes at a certain size limit, about 40 on my computer. No information on where collected ( or any clinical patient data) in New York City , just “NY” as location label.

I will have to do this slowly and methodically.

I will reserve judgement- just tidying up China epidemic ( Dec-Jan) , and one of the USA West coast  outbreaks CA+ Cruise Ship (Feb), So I have a load of work now- will focus on NY as my next job.



Edward J Steele PhD


Life Fellow, CYO Foundation, Piara Waters, 6112


Email: [email protected]




4/25/20 7:38 AM

Dear Chandra, Reg and colleagues:

I was going OK on doing some sample NY COVID-19 alignments at NCBI Virus- but I think the site has crashed with user overload. I have established some very important general  facts about the 192 NY sequences up loaded there ( Mar 14-Mar22)-  but I cannot do an alignment not even a small one, say 25 sequences.

But I have manually harvested all the GenBank Accession Nos to the sequences, and taken screen shots of the key sites around the S Haplotype variant at p.8782, p28144 and this has given me already great insight into the data in NYC during the exponential rocket phase of the epidemic.

I have sent in an inquiry to NLM/NCBI Virus support. But I will reserve judgement until I can do alignments which I cannot do at the moment.

Best, Ted



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  1. Your Gulfstream 6 effect was the fact that the Chinese government allowed infected persons from their Wuhan area to propagate all over the world while forbidding any travel from Wuhan to other parts of China. I have to wonder if the authors of this piece are getting $$ from the Chinese govt. and are making this elaborate theory up to cover for them.

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