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Deadly Voyager: The Ancient Comet Strike that Changed Earth and Human History
James Lawrence Powell's new book on the #YDI
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Deadly Voyager website

I was excited today to order a newly published book concerned 100% with the Younger Dryas Impact Event. The author is long-tenured and highly respected geologist, college president, museum director and writer, Dr. James Lawrence Powell. The book can be purchased from Amazon here.

I will devour the book and return with a review.

If the hypothesis of the impact is correct (and I am very impressed with the data) it is perhaps the most important hypothesis in the Earth Sciences, with ramifications in other fields, since plate tectonics. This is particularly so for its consequences on the history of peoples over the last 12,800 years.

~~ Book blurb, Earth Sciences Professor Edward Keller of the University of California at Santa Barbara


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  1. Wonderful news! I think I have told you earlier, George, I am getting close to trying to get my manuscript completed, mostly, but not entirely about the Younger Dryas. I will keep you informed on my progress in the coming weeks. But Yes, Congratulations to Dr. Powell on his book, too. Thank-you, Rod Chilton