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What a week. The announcement of the Hiawatha Crater is hands down the most important development in the eight year history of the Tusk. Lest I remind you, when your blog’s tagline is “Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history”, and Science publishes a feature article titled: Ice Age Impact: A large asteroid struck Greenland in the time of humans. How did it affect the planet?  — times are good!

Times are not so good for the shrinking band of reckless, uninformed critics of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis. They are on the wrong side of a entirely predictable Thomas Kuhn defined paradigm shift, but the personal misery they have coming is unlikely to have fully presented itself, just yet.

I’m calling the current sub-phase of Kuhn’s march to ignominy “Denialist Awe.” Imagine for instance the stammering of crater expert (snicker) Christian Koerbel on the announcement of a 20-mile impact crater formed in human history. To that jackass, it’s like paleontologist Jack Horner hearing a live T-Rex has been caged. He will protest until it eats him.

The authors report on some interesting phenomena, but the ‘definitive’ interpretation and conclusion that a large impact crater underneath the ice has been discovered is a severe over-interpretation of the existing data.

Christian Koerbel, Crater Denier

More coming…..


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