Other Ancient Impacts

Mucked Up

It’s hard to be cynical enough in this game. I noted today that “Science Communicators,” a recently discussed poorly adapting subspecies, have yet to mention this blockbuster paper in Nature Reports one year ago.

Specifically, there is credible preliminary evidence contained by the bucketful that there was a catastrophe prior to the Younger Dryas Impact that rained Platinum rich microspherules down on and into heaps of megafauna killed in the deeper past.

Very interesting stuff. And credibly published by the world’s premier house of science. Yet….wait for it….crickets from the loud crowd.

Perhaps science communicators have not found a convenient time to speak truth. The Cosmic Tusk will nonetheless enjoy this memory of its birthday.

[wonderplugin_pdf src= “https://cosmictusk.com/wp-content/uploads/cosmic-tusks-in-nature-3.pdf”]

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