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Another crater?

Second feature found inland of Hiawatha may be hinted 2nd Greenland crater

Longtime Tusk buddy and dedicated Catastrophist Steve Garcia went crater hunting and located IMHO a great candidate for the second crater hinted at by NASA scientist Dr. Joe MacGregor of the Hiawatha Discovery Team. He was thoughtful to send the Tusk the first image below of the suspect dimple beneath a mile of ice. I dug up some others below that.

Here is MacGregor’s hint in NatGeo:

Instead, the crater’s discoverers are planning to collect more sediments from the glacial outwash, and perhaps even drill directly into the crater to retrieve sediment cores that can be dated. And there may be other craters lurking beneath Greenland’s ice, or even Antarctica’s — perhaps more easily identifiable once you know what to look for, says MacGregor.

Asked whether the team has actually identified any other round shapes of interest, he pauses. Then MacGregor says, cryptically, “stay tuned.

Dr. Joe MacGregor, Hiawatha Discovery Team, November 14, 2018, National Geographic 



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