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Younger Dryas Impacts gain MORE global attention

Tusk travel buddy from the Egypt 2020 Expedition, Jimmy Corsetti of Bright Insight, appeared last week on The Joe Rogan Experience, the most popular conversation on planet earth. The Younger Dryas Impact was a frequent subject. This single clip was viewed by over 3 million people.

Not to be outdone, Comet Research Group resident Neo-Catastrophist astronomer, and popular Scottish author, Dr. Bill Napier, pre-published a suspense thriller on Kindle a couple of days ago devoted to the Younger Dryas Impact. The paperback is coming in 2022, but Bill decided to get ahead of the Netflix blockbuster “Don’t Look Up!,” and the attention it will bring to comet impacts.

The Tusk is still reading, and on Chapter 13…review to come…


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