Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Big News: Crowdfunding appeal coming November 1st [Now 14th!] for new ‘Comet Research Group’

indiegogoThe Tusk has an exciting announcement. For many months a project has been underway to develop a crowdfunding campaign to finance a significant and continuing expansion of research into the YDB impact and related phenomena. Drs. Allen West, Ted Bunch, Chris Moore and I are directing the effort, which launches on November 1 and will introduce the opportunity to assist the mission of the newly formed Comet Research Group.

A crowdfunding effort is long overdue and desperately needed for our research. Pure science funding of the kind needed to expand our knowledge of the YD impact event is already a dwindling resource. But when your subject is as controversial as ours  — and gores so many influential oxen — such funding is very nearly impossible to obtain. It is fair to say that the subject is “black-balled” for grants by critics and ninnies despite the quality of our publications. Sigh.

But now we have a chance to change things — big time. Despite the smug and willful ignorance of the grant review boards and journal editors, the intense popular demand for information in this field is evident in hundreds of television shows, countless books, and movies on the subject. By allowing the millions who maintain an interest in ancient catastrophes an opportunity to assist our efforts through donations, I am convinced we will discover an untapped demand to professionally investigate the profound and ancient question of whether our ancestors were visited by catastrophe from above.

If the appeal to these millions is only minimally successful, it will allow us to perform research that would otherwise be impossible in the near term. We have defined three initial research objectives with a combined budget of only $106,000:

1) An exploration of the suspected “Charity Shoals” crater in Lake Superior, which may date to the time of the event ($28,800);

2) An expedition to Greenland to further sample the ice cap for ET and impact related material ($27,500);

3) A more detailed investigation of a suspected airburst in the Jordan Valley at Tall el Hammam in ~1800 BC ($49,900).

Additional details on these expeditions and the progress of the campaign will be forthcoming at variety of sources (Friend us on Facebook!).

While the Indiegogo site is still under construction, and private until the launch, the supporting website is now available and readers should enjoy jumping over to cometresearchgroup.org to take a look. The site is intended to provide a more in-depth source of information for people interested in knowing more about the YDB body of research than will be available on Indiegogo. It should prove helpful and will expand and improve over time as new information is developed, plans are refined, and money is raised, spent and accounted for.

The new website will also feature another blog, for which your’s truly will have some responsibility. In fact, I intend to cross-post this message there as the inaugural communication. That blog will be somewhat different than the Tusk, since it will feature relatively plain vanilla information about the research and updates on the discoveries, without the joshing around and teasing of critics we are accustomed to here, or some of the wilder speculation entertained on these pages.

And finally, we have another aspect of the appeal produced, one which I will now make available exclusively to Tusk readers. The video that will go on Indigogo and elsewhere November 1:


The crowdfunding video has been embargoed until November 1st

If any further proof is required of my selfless dedication to this effort, I cannot supply it. I resisted the approach initially and imagined it as a dry narrative featuring electron microscopes, lab coats, and archaeology pits — not my living room. But as things progressed it became clear that one person needed to go on camera, and I volunteered in order to play a helpful role, but also to a degree to spare anyone more credentialed than myself from having to beg for money on YouTube. (Cringe.)

I was also a bit reluctant at first to focus so directly on future impacts. For what it is worth, and you may have noticed, I decided long ago this blog would focus on impacts in the peopled past. The internet is already well populated with information, discussion, speculation — and complete bullshit — with regard to the threat of future impacts. I figured the Tusk would be of more interest to me, and distinguish itself, if it left calls to “Repent now!” or launch exotic protective measures into space, to others.

But this crowdfunding thing was more “broadcast” than “narrowcast” and needed a different approach.  Tusk readers, I hope and trust, always keep in mind that there is another dimension to our six-year discussion here that bears not on the fate of spear-chuckers and furry elephants in the past, but on our kids and their kids’ kids. If our contentions about the relatively recent past are true, it goes without saying that we must seriously prepare to protect our future. But it was decided to make the case, in this case, to the vast majority of people without inference or subtlety.

I welcome your suggestions and comments about this project, now and as things progress. And, of course, your contribution if you are so inclined.

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  1. I’m very much looking forward to following any new research the Comet Research Group undertakes – and to seeing whether their findings can help ‘move the mountain’ of (willfully blind) conventional scientific dogma that stifles rational debate on this subject.

    As a science documentary producer, I hope I might even one day have the opportunity to play some part in helping bring about the paradigm shift.

    Best of luck!

  2. At SkyBound we recently led the rebranding and new site buildout for the Comet Research Group. Since the readership here at the Tusk is highly educated on this subject, please feel free to email me at kyle at getskybound.com should you have any feedback or insights into how we can continue improving cometresearchgroup.org.

  3. Per your request, I humbly report hereby that the cometresearchgroup.org site does not work at all on my browser. The only thing shown is a box on an empty page, probably due to buggy CSS script. Even with the javascript, nothing works.

    If you require some higher level technology, like video/audio, or whatever, then you should at least have an explanation page that informs the visitor about that requirement. Besides, any CSS should eventually revert to plain html code suitable for display on old browsers.

    Even though my browser is very old, I almost never run into problems of this type.

    I hope you’ll fix that bug.
    Thank you for the efforts.

  4. Casual visitor – Works for me. Took a minute, but most things online are slow here in the backwoods. Plus the provider over sold, matter of fact no new customers are allowed in the area. It is so bad at times I can’t even get online 10% of the time. Oh, for the days of high speed internet.

  5. Several places the web are reporting on this:


    Researchers say giant asteroid to hit earth, but Nasa says not in the immediate future
    Nasa refuted the claims made by other astronomers saying that Earth is likely to be hit by the deadly asteroid 2000 ET70

    At http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S001910351300225X there is this, from 2013:

    We observed near-Earth Asteroid (162421) 2000 ET70 using the Arecibo and Goldstone radar systems over a period of 12 days during its close approach to the Earth in February 2012. We obtained continuous wave spectra and range-Doppler images with range resolutions as fine as 15 m. Inversion of the radar images yields a detailed shape model with an effective spatial resolution of 100 m. The asteroid has overall dimensions of 2.6 km × 2.2 km × 2.1 km (5% uncertainties) and a surface rich with kilometer-scale ridges and concavities. This size, combined with absolute magnitude measurements, implies an extremely low albedo (∼2%). It is a principal axis rotator and spins in a retrograde manner with a sidereal spin period of 8.96 ± 0.01 h. In terms of gravitational slopes evaluated at scales of 100 m, the surface seems mostly relaxed with over 99% of the surface having slopes less than 30°, but there are some outcrops at the north pole that may have steeper slopes. Our precise measurements of the range and velocity of the asteroid, combined with optical astrometry, enables reliable trajectory predictions for this potentially hazardous asteroid in the interval 460–2813.

    Rule of thumb scaling would give a crater 42 to 52 km across.

  6. Casual visitor – thanks for your feedback. I’d be happy to have our team investigate further if you can provide some additional information. We haven’t had any other such reports as yet.

    What “very old” browser are you using? We support the last two versions of every major browser, but nothing older. It’s become too costly from a maintenance and compatibility perspective to support anything older on projects of this size.

    It’s also true that this particular site is heavy on video and other modern browser elements, but do do employ web-safe fallbacks and properly validated CSS.

  7. Bard, thanks for your feedback. We’ve implemented some standard optimizations like caching and a content delivery network in the time since your comment that should improve load times.

  8. Kyle – You welcome. George –
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/60fb5b816678e3ab730f042165407db35c33fa05dcdf72b36bf90e4df59bea62.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/45096fd09fafb0e562629daf832a42559986fe790aabdebee1cf80eafa652705.jpg Thanks for the trees & images, this is MUCH better! Talk about trees,
    I’ve been kicking around an idea for years about doing a survey of
    well drillers mainly south of the Great Lakes to see if they come
    across anomalies such as described in one of Ignatius Donnelly’s
    books where he claims that hand dug wells in Ohio (IIRC) sometimes
    run across buried trees, if enough similar anomalies could be plotted
    then they should show a wave of debris instead of alluvial deposits.
    With such a massive impact into the Laurentide Ice Sheet the edges
    had to be shoved outwardly causing massive damage that it should be
    evident if looked for with our paradigm in mind. Alike the
    massive grave sites of Mammoths in Alaska they should be analyzed to
    see if they all have the same time of death and the ground
    surrounding them should have the shrapnel within.

    Another that
    I can’t seem to shake is what looks like a plume of debris off the
    continental shelf south of the Mississippi River via Google Earth.
    If one looks at the light green path of the river it goes straight
    toward the west of Marsh Island and directly to said plume.
    There should be plenty of core samples off shore from oil exploration
    that others with degrees could get access to and should be easily
    detectable as a massive flood strata with lots of organic material
    which should date to the catastrophic event. It just seems
    when hearing about core samples they only seem to be interested in
    100K+ to millions of years as if no one is taking a close look at a
    measly 13Kyrs.BP where it should be clear something big

    What I’m getting at is that we need some clear
    evidence of the event at the North American Continent that more
    people will believe. Because most of my efforts to convince
    people is flatly ignored, there is a huge mental block that something
    that big could not have happened so recently even though the legends
    all say it did. It is weird, where I live on the border of the
    U.P. of MI. and WI. the top soil all around is only a foot deep and
    nothing but gravel and or sand or granite under that, yet people are
    far more likely to believe that ice moved south on level ground and
    just melted thirteen thousand years ago than something sudden.

  9. The problem is that all of the evidence of an ice sheet impact onto a decaying continental ice sheet would be washed away nearly completely. The more probable alternative explanation for the Black Sturgeon River geological features is repetitive outwash over many glacial cycles and that area is a nexus for ice sheet collapse with the continental divide just to the west of it. So besides that conflict, there is also author bias here.

    The migration to WordPress and Disqus looks great, that must have been a real headache.

    Keep up the good work, George. It’s all good. Write or Wrong! haha.

  10. Halloween, New Years, and the Comet Connection

    In the hoary past The New Year was held when the Earth crossed the night time Taurid Stream which is when Halloween is held today. The ancients’ ‘calendar’ went by a sidereal system which uses the stars with the Precession of the Spring Equinox in which the year was three hundred and sixty days long plus five ‘Unlucky Days’. This was a time of great dread because they knew this was when the Earth was hit before from above and caused a great cataclysm of death and destruction that could happen again at this time, which if it did not occur again then it was a joyous beginning of the New Year. This is what the ancient great mysteries are all about, the erudite kept it shrouded from the general public and yet the tradition has continued to this day as Halloween, The Festival of the Dead, The Day of the Dead in Mexico, The Bon Festival in Asia, and many Feast of Ancestor Worship commemorations around the world.

    Many culture’s traditions have lost the true nature of the meaning and have slipped away seasonally from the crossing of the Taurid Meteor
    Shower caused by the Precession of the Spring Equinoxes over vast amounts of time or were changed intentionally. When the catastrophe
    struck it was spring time thirteen thousand years ago and it just happens that Halloween is the correct time today and coincides with the beginning of winter and is known as The Fall Harvest when the plants dye off from the cold weather. When the event happened it killed off the beginning of Spring and is what is called the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis wherein a comet impacted into the Laurentide Ice sheet in North America and killed off the mammoth and one hundred and seventy two other large animals around the world and many of mankind. This is where the origin of the global flood, fire from the sky, and great conflagration mythologies came from and is perpetuated to this day as fear and death. It is also the origin of solar worship and verdure dying myths such as Adonis, because during the onslaught the sky went dark for a long period of time and mankind believed it would never return which is overwhelmingly evident in worldwide legends.

    The remnant of the comet is still out there as 2P/Encke and the Northern and Southern Taurid Streams which appear to come out of the Pleiades that is on the back of the bull of the Taurus Constellation. The vast majority of cultures regulated these commemorations with the
    Pleiades and can be traced back to the oldest monument of Gobekle Tepe which has two central monoliths, one with a bull representing the comet and its origin on its chest, the other with a lion pelt around its waist symbolizing the Sun plus at its base are seven birds representing the Pleiades, and they are surrounded by twelve monoliths representing the twelve constellations. It is all about the confrontation of the comet, the Earth, and the Sun disappearing by dust veiling the atmosphere in which the Sun eventually triumphs when the sky clears as is redundantly portrayed in common mythology as the battle of the shinning knight, the evil dragon, and saving the maiden whom represents the bounty of nature.

    The Chinese to this day celebrate the New Year with fireworks and an orb followed by a huge dragon, clearly symbolizing a comet and
    coincidentally a bolide. In Mexico at midnight as the Pleiades approached the zenith, a human victim was offered up to avert the dread calamity which they believed impended over the human race. The Egyptians would parade the Apis Bull around the temple seven times. The Indigenous Australians painted a white stripe over their arms, legs, and ribs, they appear, as they dance by the fires at night, like so many skeletons rejoicing. Also the current Halloween depiction of a witch, withered mother nature, on a broom flying across the sky has a remarkable symbolism to what was a common description of a comet as is the myth of Electra, one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades, who fell to Earth with disheveled hair to the North Pole. The rising of the Pleiades on the Tonga Islands is also connected with their Festival of the Dead. The North American indigenous people have a story of seven boys that dance their way up into the sky and one of them falls creating a crater. Virtually all of mankind’s ancient traditions point to the Pleiades as the origin and causation of past world calamities.

    So, when those little trick-or-treaters show up at your door you will now know that they are there as a reminder that there is a real threat of inner solar system space debris colliding with the Earth and throwing everything into chaos. Also with their greeting they are asking if it will be a good outcome or a bad one as no one knows when the next one will strike. In many of mythologies around the world there is also a trickster that represents this same aspect. And if your curious, this Halloween of 2016 it will be approximately the New Year of 12,786 + or – 50yrs. That is a very long time to convey a vital message and have it delivered to your front door step year after year, so try to change the consensus that the word ‘myth’ is a falsehood.

  11. On Halloween – from Wiki: “Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals which may have pagan roots”. There is a very ancient tradition from pagan (pagan meaning rustic, agrarian) origins, marking the return to the netherworld, the world of the dead. It represented the start of a harvest cycle – by the sowing of the seed, the return of the seed to the underworld, the most important event for a harvest and survival.

    Classical myth attributed that to Kore, Demeter’s daughter, but far more ancient is the same/equivalent myth in Sumerian texts, ‘Inanna’s descent into the netherworld’. Long story, but all traceable. All represent the same ancient rustic folklore. Totally obfuscated today, but as Claude Levi Strauss said it retained the same mythical structure.

    Why one era is or seems disconnected from later ones may be due to periodic destructions that in some instances are quite evident. The reason or cause is ????

  12. What I have learned from TinH who has commented here a lot about the Carolina Bay quatz sands or gravels appears to imply these were excavated by impact after he last glacial maximum (because there are som CBs on Long Island, a termnal moraine of the last Ice Age). The quartz gravels came from the impact explosion ejecting broken up granite breccia from deep plutons which are known for phenocrysts, large macroscopic crystals, the granites being oversaturated with quartz. The CBs are still oozing hydrogen (H), which must come from great depths, planet Earth at its formation 4.5 billion years ago incorporating copious amounts of H which is the most abundant substance in the Universe still, and from which all other nuclei are derived in star interiors and supernova explosions. We know of the abundance of H in Earth’s interior through the Russian Superdeep Borehole on the Kola B

  13. I welcome the crowd funding approach to “patronage” of research. It might work out (and I hope it does), or it may not, or it could be a stepping stone to another way of funding research. Colleges have become the default, and they have been conduits, but conduits for academically connected scientists while de facto excluding others (e.g., Halton Arp, Tom van Flandern) to a high degree. Crowdfunding allows researchers to have parallel funding sources/alternative funding resources. It will allow people to end run the academic or governmental power brokers in their fields. If there is one way government has distorted things, it is in scientific research (IMHO). Those with connections bleed off so much of the funding, innovation is stifled by lack of funding for other research projects.

  14. It also makes replies more connected to each original comment, encouraging discussion. In the past a thread was disconnected visually and as more comments were separated by other comments, the discussion accordion-ed out a lot (too much).

    This is better (IMO).

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