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Bright Insight

YouTube wisdom on Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis

Jimmy at Bright Insight has posted a masterpiece of science and speculation concerning the YDIH. How do these guys do this? I would find it very, very difficult to prepare all this info and share it in such a coherent manner on camera. Some of his other videos are just tad too speculative, even for the Tusk, but he nails the facts of the YDIH and then proceeds with some entirely justified speculation. He also does a great job putting it all into sociological context, particularly how proponents of the ice age theory are shunned. And the historic precedent for such a mindset.

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  1. Jimmy. Why do you not study Zecharia Stchin’s The 12th Planet and his other 13 books about the Sumerian Civilization which tells us on CLAY TABLETS who that ancient civilization was, what they built, how ,etc. PLEASE try: http://www.ZechariaSitchinCenters.com and click onto Sitchin Paradigm School, with 14 lessons summarizing his research. PLEASE. I do think you might also involved in another “groupthink” perspective. Best of research here!!!

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