Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Comets and the Early Christian Mosaics of Ravenna

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  1. That was pretty good, but she missed the bulls signifying Taurus. There is the hand in the sky making the horns sign, the white cow, and the plague guy was holding brown bull.

  2. IE – India? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamadhenu Mother Goddess? The one who provides and takes away.

    As I have stated I tend to not delve into the newer stuff, but somehow the evangelists picked up some ancient symbols of the bovine, eagle, angel(Man:possibly Gemini twins), and the lion. Yes, Enoch, there is a lot of symbolism in that book, IIRC some equate Adam with the white bull… Which is interesting because most cosmologies start after the destruction, kind of like the the end is only the beginning statement.

    It all pivots on the Bovine / Cherub and the alpha and omega, when one looks at the constellation of Taurus at night it looks just like the up-side-down letter A, which also looks like a bull. (There is more to it, it’s in the book.)

    I think the color thing is all but lost to history, sort of like the carnal directions in the Americas designated to colors. Or the spotted leopard on priests in Egypt and mesoamerica. It is a symbolic language. Alike the Minoans leaping over the bull as if taunting death.

  3. Sorry to leave you a “between” comment short, Bard. I eliminated your correspondent as a known troll.

  4. I am writing a book on Carolina bays under contract to the University of South Carolina Press and would like to contact George Howard. My email address is XXXXXXX.

  5. Where are the mathematicians when one needs them? Just the other day I was talking about comet Biela being the cause of the Peshtigo, Huron, and Chicago fires… Could it be that a learned person promulgated the bovine bringing about the fire story or by chance? Biela may or may not be part of the Taurid Stream, but still the story stuck for 3 very separate fires at the same time caused by dry weather and a bovine… Things to make one go hmmm

  6. Bard –

    There is more to it than that.

    Add these to that list of fires on that night:

    Manistee, MI;
    Holland, MI;
    Windsor, Ontario;
    White Rock, MI.

    All 7 on the same night. And some terrible fires among them, too.

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Michigan_Fire

    The date? October 8, 1871. The fires raged for days.

    October is a bit early for the Taurid stream. The Earth in its orbit on that date each year is a bit short of entering the Taurid meteor stream.

    Looking it up, Wiki says that Comet Biela HAD a period of 6.572 years (based on the actual dates listed in Wiki) – which is double that of Comet Encke, which has an age of 3.3 years. This is a curiosity that may or may not mean something. This 6.572 agrees for the appearances in 1826, 1832, 1845, and 1852.

    I say, “HAD,” because Biela was last seen in 1852. It had broken into two main pieces in the winter of 1845-1846 (Nov 26 for one fragment and January 14 for the second fragment), and in September of 1852 the two fragments were seen again. And not since then.

    After November 26, 1845 the next appearance was 6.749 years, on August 26, 1852. That meant that there was an orbital change of +0.177 years (about 65 days longer). So, the orbit changed, meaning that Jupiter must have affected it. (At 6.190 AU, it’s aphelion was larger than Jupiter’s 5.454 AU, so it definitely could have been affected by Jupiter within that last orbit after being in a stable one previously).

    No comet showed up when Biela was due in 1859, 1865, or in 1872. But Wiki says that, “on November 27, 1872, a brilliant meteor shower (3,000 per hour) was observed radiating from the part of the sky where the comet had been predicted to cross in September 1872.”

    That date is over a year after the Midwest fires of October 8, 1871.

    Thus, Biela seems to not be connected.

    The Biela-connected comet hypothesis spelled out in Wiki seems a stretch with methane somehow providing fuel. Sounds like pretty sloppy thinking to me.

    I’d heard about the Manistee fire while visiting there in 2001. The thinking there at that time was that it was a meteor shower. That seems to make more sense to me. I don’t buy into the meteor shower idea 100%, either. Even though it is too much coincidence for 7 huge fires to start on the same night. Yes, it was a very dry year, according to reports. But dry year or not, 7 fires starting on the same night over an area bout the size of the state of Michigan, including Lake Michigan sure SOUNDS like more than coincidence. Seeing that such dry years have happened since then, and random causes have not caused ANY such fires in 145 years, it makes one wonder.

  7. Tom Poland, welcome. You came to the right place. Yeah, talk to George.

  8. Thanks Steve, I hadn’t known about the other fires. I see now https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Chicago_Fire that “In 1893 the reporter Michael Ahern retracted the “cow-and-lantern” story, admitting it was fabricated, but even his confession was unable to put the legend to rest.”. Yeah, I looked into the information about Biela years ago and it didn’t seem to be part of the Taurid Stream, I was just loosely asserting the cause was from above and blamed on a bovine as other ancient legends from the old world and new but with different animals from the Pleiades. The cow thing has to be coincidence, but not the separate fires IMO. There is a legend IIRC from Anatolia about foxes setting fires as in metaphorical spacefalls sort of like the symbol of the browser Firefox or ‘the elongated foxes’ in Gobekli Tepe, they look like dragons to me.

  9. We seem to have a new dwarf planet discovery.

    Move over Pluto! Astronomers find tiny new dwarf planet on edge of our solar system orbiting up to 11 billion miles from the sun
    •The dwarf planet named RR245 is only about 435 miles (700km) across
    •Newly-found dwarf planet is on an elliptical 700 year orbit around sun
    •It is twice as far from the sun as Pluto and 120 times the distance of Earth


    “Scientists first noticed the dwarf planet, which has been given the name RR245, while using a telescope at the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii, as part of the Outer Solar System Origins Survey (OSSOS).”

  10. Here’s some other interesting ideas about the comet (or comets) portrayed in the mosiacs of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy:



    These articles reference a recent book by the theological professor Colin R. Nicholl, called The Great Christ Comet – Revealing the True Star of Bethlehem.


    Nichols argues the case that the Star of Bethlehem was a long period comet (which may have been portrayed in Mosaics of Revenna) and that the ‘three magi’ were Babylonian astronomers.

    Haven’t read the book myself, but it does get very good reviews.

  11. Welcome GlennK, and thanks for the great links. I am buying the book now and will report what I find.

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