Cosmic Summit 2023 family photo & testimonials

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CS23 Testimonials

It was more than fun, #cosmicsummit was an amazing experience in which both speakers & attendees delved into diverse topics from diverse speakers with diverse educations. GREAT job MC’ing @JahannahJames! Thank you @CosmicTusk @CosmicSummit23 for organizing #cosmicsummit 2023.

Thank you for a WONDERFUL Weekend! Cosmic Summit 2024!!!!

Hi EVERYONE!!! I was watching on the live stream. I’ll definitely see you next year! COSMIC SUMMIT 2024!

Just got home from Cosmic Summit 23. WOWWW what an amazing conference! Investigating ancient mysteries and blowing holes modern explanations.

Just got home from Cosmic Summit 23. WOWWW what an amazing conference! Investigating ancient mysteries and blowing holes modern explanations.

What an epic event, love the people! #cosmicsummit

You energized the whole room! Thank you! #cosmicsummit

Fantastic weekend George, I watched all the livestream and can just say congratulations

It was definitely worth the trip!

This morning as soon as I got to work, a supervisor had to show me how to use a new computer system and I was wondering if I could absorb even more new information lol

The staff did a great job!

CS23 was really great.  I am so glad I took the plunge to attend. Met some great people, got to interact with Randal, Ben, Micah, et al…  It was remarkably energizing to be in a room with a few hundred like/open minded folks

What an epic weekend!!

Thanks to everyone for a great time and a wonderful event!

Just made it back to Knoxville. What a blast. Thank you all for the wonderful weekend. I hope to see you all next year at CS 24.

Sooooo good to be amongst such kindred kind and curious truth seekers!

Had an amazing weekend! Drove 8 hours last night to land in bed at 4am! Thank you all for the amazing conversations. I look forward to continuing those!

Amazing event! Looking forward to CS2024 and meet ups after my liver begins functioning again. Great work to all presenters and organizers!

Hi guys, loved being among you all. See you next time.

It was great meeting everyone!  What a fantastic weekend!

Still feeling so inspired by the weekend, all the great new friends we met as well as inspirations from all the intriguing speakers. Took us about nine hours to drive home, but sketched some new art with pyramids the entire way home ha ha more to come!

Great presentations by everyone!  Good job putting this thing together George.

My brain filed for divorce last night! Lol now it’s work time to plan more shows with only one brain cell.

An epic time was had by all at the Cosmic Summit 2023 Marc Young, Joanne Ballard and George and Pam did an amazing job organizing this event

Thank you so much for an incredible weekend! I can’t Thank You enough for such an amazing presentation by so many amazing speakers!I look forward to the next meeting..I will be here..😔, Thank you again)😁…😊😁 …Mr and Mrs George Howard, Thank you 🙏 😁

This was such an awesome introduction into this realm of knowledge that we experienced. Unbelievable weekend. Thanks again, yall

Great conference!

Can’t really put into words just how special this event was for me. I have so much renewed hope for the future but most importantly for my children’s future ❤️ The hard work and dedication put into this event definitely shows. I look forward to many years of the Cosmic Summit!! Wonderful and amazing work guys and gals!!!

Good night. I’ll never forget today!!

I walked all night from Henderson airport to the Cosmic Summit

This was an amazing time and it was great to meet so many amazing people! `Thank you everyone and I can say “I found my people!”

I just want to tell you want an amazing time my wife and I had at the Cosmic Summit.  The phrases “hit it out of the park” and “exceeded expectations” come to mind.  It was a pleasure to meet you and everyone else. Everything about it was outstanding.  Blown away for the first go round of the event.

Very much looking forward to hearing about the next one.


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