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Courty 2013

Magnificent article from Tusk favorite Marie-Agnes Courty, and distinguished newcomer to catastrophist publications, Eric Coqueugniot.

I heard Courty hurl questions at San Francisco AGU in 2010 and only realized later who the thickly accented inquisitor was. Courty is French, very French. While I admire her style with translation and find it interesting, it can be a challenge to read at times. Nonetheless, along with providing extraordinary evidence, her publications clearly communicate decades of tedious field work in Syria — not a place for lightweights — and an extraordinary intellectual patience with her unpersuaded peers.

As for Coqueugniot he is no lightweight either. This guy is a deeply experienced archeologist who I hope reappears in our kind of literature. (I should note he was publishing from Mesopotamia when Todd Surovell was mastering his Big Wheel).

This article would be so much more enjoyable as pure science were it not so horrific in human terms. Think of how Boston has terrorized us — then read the article.

Update: Formatting went wild again. I fixed the fonts but the links disappeared! Tusk is contacting IT.

A cosmic airburst modeled by The Bos

Three+ cosmic airbursts discovered by Courty:

Cosmic Airbursts in Syria Marie-Agnes Courty

[su_document url=”https://cosmictusk.com/wp-content/uploads/Cosmic-airbursts-in-Syria-Marie-Agnes-Courty.pdf”]

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