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Ted Steele and the real deal

From Dr. Ted Steele, to a redacted correspondent on 11/10/20:

Dear Sir,

I represent a group of international scientists led by the renowned astrophysicist/astrobiologist Professor N. Chandra Wickramasinghe PhD (Cardiff), Professor Reginald M Gorczynski MD PhD ( Toronto Health Network, UoT) and other colleagues from the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, USA, and Russia. We have recently published a series of scientific analyses and critical comments over the past 7 months as we have endeavoured to scientifically explain and track the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic from its China origins and its explosive outbreaks in many regions of the world.

Our explanation is that the virus arrived within the dust of a fragmented meteorite in the stratosphere over China (Oct 11 2019), striking Wuhan within a few weeks, then much of this dust load was then caught in in the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere Jet-Streams and taken East to West coming down in Tehran/Qom, Lombardy/Italy, Spain and then New York City ( by early- to mid March 2020). The latter NYC strike we predicted in advance (see papers below) as this East->West progress was along the 40o N Latitude band.

The viral laden dust clouds (bearing the source COVID-19 virions) have since fragmented and become patchy striking many European and North American regions , and the dust clouds have also entered the Southern hemisphere (Brazil, much of South America, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, and currently engaging French Polynesia. But other Asian countries are also engaged (Pakistan, India, recently Sri Lanka) and also many other regions, but it seems to a variable lesser extent from public case records ( Japan, Taiwan , Philippines)

Thus we are scientific experts that bring together a coherent string of causal evidence covering the totality of the evidence at all key levels: genetic, immunologic, epidemiologic, geophysical, astrophysical and astrobiological explanations as this pandemic has unfolded in real-time. Our papers can be read as a chronological scientific testimony of the evidence supporting this explanation (Two of our earlier papers just prior to the pandemic ironically also “predicted” such a Panspermic  event and sets the stage for our ability to track the virus- see last two reference URLs below).

  • So the virus is coming in dust clouds from the air, carried in variable size meteorite and then pollution dust particles , each particle (say the dangerous small 2.5 micron sizes) can be expected to carry an infective dose of a cluster of (say) 10-50 COVID-19 virions. This is its primary mode of spread, drifting and coming down from the stratosphere/troposphere.
  • The environment where a viral laden dust cloud is brought down ( mainly rain) is then heavily contaminated (we believe left unattended the virus will decay in most environments across the planet over 2-3 months). People get the virus by “rubbing up against their contaminated environment”, and in some cases breathing the air at in-fall (so masks may help during that interval).
  • Person-to-Person (P-to-P) spread is a feature but secondary to the main in-fall features and signatures ( e.g. why passengers, crew, and military personal on ships at sea are vulnerable; the high incidence of “mystery infections “or community spreads without a known source).
  • But P-to-P is clear feature of closed nursing homes and aged acre facilities with many elderly co-morbids (who really need to be protected and were not) – in Victoria, Australia, younger and healthy carers who were mildly affected and asymptomatic working in multiple facilities at low wages were the primary spreading vector! (it seems from all news reports here).
  • The virus has a clear haplotype switching strategy allowing it to sort the ‘best’ haplotype for growth in that genetic/biochemical background (read broadly as “ethnic” group) – in an average productive infection maybe 2-6 mutations may accrue across the approx.. 30,000 nucleotide length genome. The most rampant P-to-P however is in the aged co-morbids in closed facilities (also cruise ships!).

Thus we can provide all the key scientific evidence on COVID-19 origins which supports your case re airborne arrival and its primary mode of spread. In a key paper we address the popular myth that COVID-19 and other diseases like  influenza are zoonotic, i.e. they are  emerging constantly from infected animals (zoonotic diseases).  These claims are not actually supported by any direct evidence, and the evidence that is available bearing on the issue is actually very weak and certainly does not support this mainstream conception.

  • In the case of COVID-19 our genetic analysis of all relevant current data shows that such an animal-to-human jump ( on available existing data) has at the bear minimum one chance in 10180of being successful – for these odds the starting point is from a fictitious closest known animal-sourced relative that may be 99% similar in sequence to COVID-19 ( the Steele, Gorczynski et al 2020 paper is on the list and is athttps://www.hilarispublisher.com/open-access/implications-of-haplotype-switching-for-the-origin-and-global-spread-of-covid19.pdf ). The closest known bat relative is 96.2% similar in sequence to COVID-19 and for that to jump and be a successful complete match to COVID-19 the odds blow out to one successful trial in10684. These are impossible odds, far beyond the molecular resources of our known universe viz. ~ 1084protons.
  • In the case of a detailed attempted experimental reconstruction of the 2009 H1NI swine flu pandemic, on the key responsible H1N1 strain, the actual experimental data† showed that such a complex re-assortment of flu genetic segments from precursor/donor strain does not in fact happen easily in multiply infected pigs.

Our papers and other comments are included in the URL links below. These papers cover all the key scientific evidence to support our above conclusions and assertions.

Here are my interviews:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwXKzL-yzt8&t=2s (May 18 2020)


#20 Professor Edward J. Steele (Jun 1, 2020)


Yours sincerely

Ted Steele

Cc to many co-authors, and to a small group in Australia who are witnessing our efforts and watching the evidence for the cosmic origins COVID-19  as it unfolds.

†Reviewed in White MC and Lowen AC 2018 J Gen Virol 999: 3-16) and made clear in the direct experiment in swine by Ma and colleagues ( Ma W, Liu Q, Qiao C, del Real G, García-Sastre A, Webby RJ, Richt JA. 2014. North American triple reassortant and Eurasian H1N1 swine influenza viruses do not readily reassort to generate a 2009 pandemic H1N1-like virus. mBio 5(2):e00919-13. doi:10.1128/mBio.00919-13)


Papers on Origin and Global Spread of COVID-19 : Wickramasinghe, Steele, Gorczyski, Lindley, Tokoro, Temple, Rebhan, Howard, Carnegie, Kondakov, Klyce, Dayal Wickramsinghe, Coulson, Wallis (Max), Wallis (Daryl).

Wickramasinghe, Steele , Gorczynski et al 2020 Virology Current Research 
Comments on the Origin and Spread of the 2019 Coronavirus




Wickramasinghe, Steele , Gorczynski et al (2020) Virology Current Research
Growing Evidence against Global Infection-Driven by Person-to-Person Transfer of COVID-19. Virology Current Research  Volume 4:1,2020DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.110




Wickramasinghe, Steele, Gorczynski et al (2020) Virology Current Research Predicting the Future Trajectory of COVID-19. Virology Current Research  Volume 4:1,2020 DOI DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.111




Wickramasinghe, Steele, Gorczynski et al (2020) Virology Current Research

On the Fragility of Empires and Paradigms Virology Current Research  Volume 4:1,2020
DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.112




Wickramasinghe, Wallis, Coulson et al (2020) Intercontinental Spread of COVID-19 on Global Wind Systems Virology Current Research  Volume 4:1,2020 DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.113




Howard, GA,  Wickramasinghe, NC, Rebhan, H et al (2020) Mid-Ocean Outbreaks of COVID-19 with Tell-Tale Signs of Aerial Incidence Virology Current Research Volume 4:1,2020 DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.114

Mid-Ocean Outbreaks of COVID-19 with Tell-Tale Signs of Aerial Incidence



Wickramasinghe NC, Steele EJ,  Nimalasuriya A, et al (2020) Seasonality of Respiratory Viruses Including SARS-CoV-2 Virol Curr Res  Volume 4:2, 2020 DOI: 10.37421/VCRH.2020.4.117



Steele, E.J., Gorczynski,R.M., Lindley, R.A.,Tokoro , G., et al. (2020) Origin of new emergent Coronavirus and Candida fungal diseases- Terrestrial or Cosmic?- Advances in Genetics 106, 75-100, https://doi.org/10.1016/bs.adgen.2020.04.002 https://www.academia.edu/44352004/Origin_of_new_emergent_Coronavirus_and_Candida_fungal_diseases_Terrestrial_or_cosmic


Steele, E.J., Gorczynski ,R.M,. Rebhan, H., Carnegie, P., Temple, R., Tokoro, G., et al (2020) Implications of haplotype switching for the origin and global spread of COVID-19 Virol Curr Res Volume 4:2, 2020 DOI: 10.37421/Virol Curr Res.2020.4.115

Published paper with Supp File at clickable sites




Steele, E.J ., & Lindley, R.A .(2020) Analysis of APOBEC and ADAR deaminase-driven Riboswitch Haplotypes in COVID-19 RNA strain variants and the implications for vaccine design. Research Reports doi:10.9777/rr.2020.10001

Analysis of APOBEC and ADAR deaminase-driven Riboswitch Haplotypes in COVID-19 RNA strain variants and the implications for vaccine design



Some of our Cosmic Genetic Evolution Papers just prior to COVID-19


Steele EJ, Al-Mufti S, Augustyn KK, Chandrajith R, Coghlan JP, Coulson SG, Ghosh S, Gillman M.  et al 2018 “Cause of Cambrian Explosion: Terrestrial or Cosmic?” Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 136: 3-23,    https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2018.03.004


Steele EJ, Gorczynski RM, Lindley RA, Liu Y, Temple R, Tokoro G, Wickramasinghe DT, Wickramasinghe NC. 2019 “Lamarck and Panspermia – On the Efficient Spread of Living Systems Throughout the Cosmos”. Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 2019  149 : 10 -32.



Edward J Steele PhD


Life Fellow, CYO Foundation, Piara Waters, 6112


Email: [email protected]



Research Associate


Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

email:  [email protected]


Edward J Steele PhD


Immunomics (ABN 68 385 770 045 )

email:  [email protected]

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