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Dead Car Special!: E.P. Grondine offering great book at great price

I am sorry to report that impact researcher, and friend to many on the internet, E.P. Grondine, has fallen on hard times.  E.P. has had two calamities, a horrible stroke — and a career as a newspaper science writer.  Which is not a popular vocation at the moment.   If that’s not bad enough, his car “Betsy” has broken down and he is unable to repair it.
What E.P. can do is sell his book.  And a great book it is.  In Man and Impact in the Americas, E.P. unpacks the tales of the Native Americans in the context of atmospheric bombardment.  His book is to America what Mike Baillie’s books are to Ireland and Wales and Arthurian Britain.
E.P. takes the old stories seriously.  Tales and translations are disected, with “lightning” that ends the world, and “eagles” and “snakes” that bring on waves, understood for what they are.  Not the campfire prattle of a stoned Indians, but the retelling of literal events recorded remarkably well by very smart people.
Here is an Amazon review with which I heartily agree:
This book is the first to examine the mythologies and migrations among Native American peoples in the light of our growing knowledge of comet and asteroid impacts. Grondine combines his knowledge of astronomical events gained from his work as a space reporter with anthropological and archaeological research into the history of the First Peoples in America in a feat of phenomenal scholarship that will open your mind to a whole new way of looking at these cultures. I learned something new on every page. His rendering of David Cusick’s 1825 ‘Sketches of the Ancient History of the Six Nations’ into modern English is alone worth the price of the book. In addition he writes in a straightforward, no BS way that was a pleasure to read. Highly recommended.  — D.N.Washburn on Amazon.com
So, E.P. is offering this Tusk Only Special:  Personally signed copies of his book “Man and Impact in the Americas” directly from him for the low price of $35 US plus $5 US for shipping in the US, or $15 for shipping overseas.
Send orders to
E.P. Grondine
P.O. Box 158
Kempton, IL 60946

[email protected]

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  1. If you are not just looking for lots of colorful, pleasing images and photos, if you are not exclusively after breathtaking views or renderings of catastrophic events, if, instead, you are willing to carefully read, consume and digest in-depth information about native Americans, their beliefs, their tales and “reports” on things celestial that had an impact on them, this is your book, a must-read, a must-have!

    Best wishes from Germany,


  2. Ed Grondines book is becoming more prescient all the time. The scientific community should pay attention to his Great Atlantic megatsunami hypothesis. I predict it will eventually be verified although the date may be off by 200 years or so. This book is a great bargain. I am buying copies for my students.

  3. I agree entirely, Dallas! I should point out that Ed had a terrible stroke — just before the book was go to print. He was down and out when and unable to control a couple of mistakes (for instance the type smaller than it should be). Ed is slowly recovering but buying this book makes his road easier as well supporting an incredibly insightful mind and body of work.

  4. It is great to support such a great man who has given a lot to science for the benificial, entertainment and pleasure of too much people. I have read the editorial review and really share your opinion that: “His book is to America what Mike Baillie’s books are to Ireland and Wales and Arthurian Britain.” Plus, I believe that by purchasing this book not only people are helping such a great man, but own a great masterpiece as well.

  5. Ed’s book contains a ton of research and astute connections between cosmic events and Native American ancestral memories otherwise unavailable. I’d recommend it to anyone interested.

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