Exploring abrupt climate change and pandemic induced by comets and asteroids during human history

First Younger Dryas Impact Crater Found: Greenland

In the morning this old world wont be the same

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The Tusk heard about this discovery confidentially in March but the following nine months were characterized by an uncertain confidence this day would truly come. We had published evidence for a decade, and knew a climate changing Younger Dryas Impact had occurred during human history, but whether an unrelated research team could carry the discovery through to publication was less certain. They have surely published and the news is reported tonight — around our world.

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  1. The USGS magnetic anomaly map shows a 64 mile diameter depression shaped like a crater in the center of Lake Michigan. Sheboygan is on the south west side. The trajectories of the Younger Dryas black mats, the Nebraska Bays and the Carolina Bays, corrected for the rotation of the Earth, intersect with this shape in Lake Michigan. Core samples taken by the Wisconsin ground water survey show what may be a complex crater near Sheboygan. Much of the Lake Michigan Triangle lies within this shape. Several III AB meteorites have been found in the area around this depression. The Cape York meteorites in Greenland are class III AB. The Mary Bay hydrothermal explosion in Yellowstone Lake, which happened around the same time, is thought to have occurred when a tsunami in the lake reduced the pressure above Mary Bay allowing the explosion. Ice splashing into the lake would have caused a tsunami.

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