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Halley's Comet lays waste: Abbott at AGU on the 530's Event

Dallas Abbott Grail Tale? Live Science article Baillie Year Did a 6th Century Comet Bring Global Famine? Evidence from tree rings and ice cores suggest that parts of Europe, Asia and North America saw protracted cooling in the 530’s, which has been linked to drought and famine. Some scientists hypothesize that Halley’s Comet may have […]

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The Baillie Years: Catastrophic impacts during human times

Highly recommended reading Below is a neat little overview of the work of Mike Baillie and others to define a cause for the worldwide climate downturns of: 3195 BC, 2354 BC, 1628 BC, 1159 BC, 207 BC, 44 BC, and 540 AD. It is found here on a website devoted to liberalizing Islam (not a bad cause […]

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