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In praise of intellectual honesty

A little blue bird tweeted this weekend that the Younger Dryas Impact was off her radar since she was “not aware of widespread community acceptance of the proposal.” I’m not aware of any books on that topic – I believe most of the discussion has been in journal articles. I’m also not aware of widespread community acceptance of the proposal so I don’t have much…
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Cosmic Summit speaker videos

Special Event: Randall Carlson Halloween video lecture

Pro Younger Dryas Impact Papers

Wally Broecker says a cosmic impact caused the Younger Dryas

I realize that this subject is distasteful to many because of the early false claims. But the new evidence suggests that there was some kind of extraterrestrial impact. Hence it should be given further study. I remember pleading with Science’s Richard Kerr to do a piece on this discovery. He thought about it and decided that, as he had written a very negative piece about the original idea, he…
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Alpine Younger Dryas Impact evidence

New study from Argentina: Population crash in the Americas followed Younger Dryas comet impact

Random Tusks

But seriously, folks: Harvard bangs a big fat Platinum nail in YDB critic coffin

BBC The Mail  Phys.org Crickets Stein B. Jacobsen? and here and here Program Note: More recent posts can be found below Large Pt anomaly in the Greenland ice core points to a cataclysm at the onset of Younger Dryas The impact hypothesis (11), once declared dead (12, 13), recently gained new support from the discovery of siliceous scoria-like objects (SLOs) with global distribution, which…
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Charles Appleton Day

2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question