Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Tusk TV: Awesome new vids

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  1. Having watched the second one first just now…

    Nice aerial film.

    This is good stuff for mutiples. They aren’t big enough to have done anything the size or duration of the YD stadial, but might have been part of the swarm nevertheless. The big impactor is still out there somewhere. (I am not ruling out the Lake Chicago impact in southern Lake Michigan. Someone DOES need to check it out. Where is Jacque Cousteau when you need him?)

    Cuitzeo, the lake in central Mexico, is pronounced kwit-SAY-oh. I was riding over Lake Cuitzeo two weeks ago, and wondering where the sample site is. It is very near the land bridge I was on, just to the east.

    The Lake Agassiz sudden emptying hypothesis he has is a different take on Wally Broeker’s. It definitely did not, however, empty down the St Lawrence as his graphic implied. It also could not have emptied via Hudson Bay, since that was under even more ice than the Great Lakes were (so much that Charles Hapgood thought it was the last North Pole before a crustal shift). The Mackenzie River emptying would not have affected the Atlantic; Rodney points out that the Arctic Ocean currents would have taken the fresh water westward, away from the Atlantic conveyor everyone tries to blame for the climate change in the YD stadial. What they need to do is get rid of the oceanic conveyor shutdown once and for all. It didn’t happen. And, not having happened, could not have caused any of the things suggested.

  2. I think I will disagree with you , I think it probably did happen , just not like they say. you forget Turtle island has thousands of unexplained but well dated… always well dated… but not dated well.. tons of unexplained water and sand features yep to be explained in anyway .

    what it most definitely was not, was from fresh water ! and not from any kind of melting ice! the ice that was created but only during the event was probably mostly salt water . it was also earth’s sea sand and gray moon ash of comet like stuff all mixed up or in layers and every sort of ” rare earth” elements that hits the moon and doesn’t burn up like how it is on entry to earth . and probably deposited in all kinds of different layers due to all the kinds of movement of everything that could be moved ,which went on about 2800 or 3200 years ago…

    what I found amazing about his speech was he was so unsure about what happened and so damn sure when…

    what came first the chicken or the eggs, don’t ask a scientist because they won’t tell you, or they will tell you it was a guppy… and they will only swear that those finger lickin fricken fish chicken is exactly 310 billion years give or take 2.2 seconds. really how arrogant of him to not know what happened at all except that it was cosmic……. but to know exactly when.. now that is some stupid arrogant sh…ff right there.

  3. How can anyone look at the map of Lake Agassiz along the SW edge of the ice mass and then suggest that the water drained across that entire body of ice and out the NE side?

    Are they daft?

  4. well no I never seen it , but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the trillions of tons of mammoth bones in the ” atlantic” didn’t come from just surfing mammoths on Norway! as the water washed across turtle island it had to come out some place , many places north south east and west .. and all places over on the east side mostly .. you can take your pick which exits the water left by ..

  5. any low spot now on the east side is most definitely a candidate I would think.

  6. Kennet:

    At about 18:30 he calls the Broeker Oceanic conveyor “this cartoon.” I couldn’t agree more. ANY map showing North Atlantic circulation that doesn’t also show the Gulf of Mexico circulation is, basically a misrepresentation of fact. ESPECIALLY when the map subject is ocean heat.

    Leaving out the Gulf part of the Gulf Stream – why do they DO that?

    The only reason I can think of is that they want to hide where the heat is really coming from and what is driving the current. I mean, they are literally pretending that that heated warm water just disappears. The oceanic conveyor argument only works if the heat from the Gulf of Mexico is left out. That heat has to be going SOMEWHERE.

    It is NOT driven by sinking waters east of Iceland. That is poppycock. Convection is FAR too weak a force, and a 360° suction from sinking water does not affect water from only the SW but from all directions more or less equally. The vast volume of water going NE is not DRIVEN by the sinking. The sinking is the tail end of the cycle, not the initiator. If the warm water didn’t sink there it would sink somewhere else, after it got cold enough.

  7. Kennett:

    He talks about the co-temporal agreement between the YDB, the “plumbing change” and the oceanic conveyor.

    One aspect of an ocean impact that I’ve not heard anyone adress is what the tsunami would do to the ocean currents. This may be a critical point, because a big enough tsunami would literally stop some of the currents and reverse some of them, even if momentarily. The currents would then have to re-initiate – restart. That might not be so simple.

    I don’t know all the answers to any of this but:

    Ocean currents are currently said to be driven by prevailing surface winds. With wildfires going on all over North America, their affect on prevailing winds would be substantial.

    The Gulf Stream is how deep? How long would it take for wind to entrain water to that depth again?

    With disrupted wind patterns, that alone could account for much of the anomalous evidence in the N Atlantic.

    If I had funding, that would be a good thing to research. Even if just to show it didn’t happen. But how would it not?

  8. https://www.dmr.nd.gov/ndgs/ndnotes/Agassiz/Lake%20Agassiz.asp

    chances are Agassiz was an ocean not a lake and still can’t grow anything because of the salty water still in it .

    they have got to be wrong. there can not be any kind of fresh water there to create their
    “flood” as a singular event , in a singular spot that they are so hopeful for .
    It is salty and that salt wouldn’t causes any kind of changes of fresh water in the “Atlantic”( as we have come to know it now) conveyor theory , it is way too salty to be billions of years old if everything was as it is now for that long. and it is just about salty enough after 2800 or 3200 years of being fresh water rained on , to still be just 2800 or 3200 years old ocean floor and was never no kind of glacier .

  9. well then another possibility is during the event I think some of the Sioux talk about Water or lakes/ or oceans( some kinds of large bodies of water) freezing almost instantly during the event..

    so if this was ever really some kind of glacier then maybe it was a chunk of instantly frozen ocean water ( salty) that thawed slow and left a lot or at least some of it’s salt in place.

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