TV Show: Clovis Comet

Good cribbed video here on the YouTube of one of the several television programs concerning the Clovis Comet. Unfortunately, it has a promotional URL pasted on the video through about half of the clip.

It is always comforting to see that, despite the best efforts of skeptics who simply want this story to go away — the cat is well out of the bag:

  • chicken little

    Unfortunately I know very little about the cyanide. I know what everyone knows: the contamination occurs by ingestion or inhalation, a lethal dose is 5mg/kg and 0.00005mg uqe kill an ant of 10mg, the antidote is the sodium nitrite!

    The contamination may have lasted long enough to ensure that water accumulated in the ponds,for quenching thirst and to attract the megafauna surviving from the shocks of the explosions and forest fires of the catastrophe effects of the first time. The senary was catastrophic

    I do not know how long the natural decontamination of the site of the shocks lasted. I can only imagine that the cyanide in its gaseous or solid forms, may have remained in the soil, in crevices of the rock long enough to contaminate water bodies that have accumulated in these depressions perhaps for months or years, as in volcanic lakes. Cyanide is lethal in small doses.

    Someone on the area of contamination by chemical environment could make a contribution.””

    well I have andedotalor and circomstancial evidence that suggests hunter gathers may have needed and or have come to need large doses of b17 , which was obtained later in the form of pemican from prunus products and is very much required fare at least around here and that comes from a couple of my lines. b17 is needed to slow or stop lupus/inflammatory type skin problems and heart and allergic inflammation diseases similar to lupus probably . and may be the anedot for too much nitrate in the american diet.. which seems to be killing so many natives .
    maybe other hunter gathers need this diet also …(.see Hunza diet) .. but in north america the source of cyanide/b17 is pemican made from fruit seeds, plums and cherry, and choke cherry pits .

    so interesting questions become
    is it just my few lines ?
    or all hunter gather genes require cyanide/b17
    or only places which had huge impact/radiation or maybe your idea of ground type cianide levels .
    or is it now needed only because they were adapted to the b17 in Pemican.
    did they adapted to the cianide levels after the event. and thus required pemican after it also.
    so as far as the possible link to cyanide levels which came first the chicken or the egg.. meaning did they require pemican from prunus of pits family because their genes adapted at this event or well just after this event as there was little left to eat of anything . or Have all hunter gathers always require large doses of cyanide and thus that may have helped them get through that event? but the mammoths probably ate lots of b17 too.. it didnt’ help them.
    but we eat 10 + regular almond pits a day and sometimes more but smaller amounts more often. and if I don’t my hands crack and bleed and thick and hard..usually 5 to 7 at a time.
    no we do not eat the sweet pits .. but bitter pits, just to be able to have normal skin and keep heart disease and probably some kind of lupus/inflammatory disease at bay.
    this of course requires a lot more investigation to prove other hunter gathers who had large quantities of cyanide in their diets ….. did so because of an impact And not as an adoption to pemican or prunus in their diets . as those GA peaches and pits were important parts of their diets and food preservation.

    so yes it appears right now that tested and scientifically proven ” whatever that is worth.” are my
    “hunter gather” genes and we also require large amounts of cyanide in the form of b17.

  • “Terry Egolf January 8, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    …As for geochronology dating techniques, well, young-earth geologists have repeatedly demonstrated them to be unreliable using the same labs and techniques the uniformitarians use. My favorite example is the Ar dating of rocks from Mt Ngauruhoe in New Zealand (LotR’s Mt. Doom). The ages ranged from <0.27 to 3.5 Ma. But the lavas all formed in last half of the twentieth century!…"

    I'd love the references, especially free full texts — so could the surficial geology of YD air bursts be badly overdated?

    Time, being only a humanly constructed illusion, is yet infinite not only in "past" and "future", but as well in a "present" that extends in infinite directions, which could, for instance, be considered as probable (alternate, parallel) history flows, as well as many infinite hierarchies from "below" to "above", and also infinities of awareness systems which have no sequential time frameworks, some being like pure simultaneously radically creative as pure visual or auditory art — and every bit of all of this radically and intimately interacts directly and creatively with every other bit — separation is always nonexistent and imaginary, but facilitates the miraculous freedom to be limited, scared, isolated, and miserable — but the only final outcome then can only be full return to unobstructed unity, which is untouched by any and all fantasies of separation —
    note A Course in Miracles, by Jesus…
    and The Nature of Personal Reality, by "Seth" (Jane Roberts)…
    also Time Space and Knowledge, Tarthang Tulku, Rinpoche (Dzogchen, 800 AD)…

  • Hi

    Now I have learned a lot about the medical use of cyanide, and its effects.

    Medicine and poison are separated by a thin barrier and imprecise, it has been known since the times of Hippocrates and Paracelsus, or of the peoples of prehistory, from the traditional medicine or native, and still goes like: “When not kill, its effects may be unexpected”.

    Sorry for all

    Does someone on the area of environment contamination by chemical know how long the contaminants (cyanide) in the soil may be neutralized by natural processes?


  • chicken little

    Hum now back to that subject i last posted and to bring it with the young earth subject…
    as they have found salt water in a layer above the earth in the outer atmospheres . and the first flood? was it salt water and was the” firmament above ” crystal slat and water?
    with little or not salt or radiation… they could have lived forever!
    . was it salt that started our decay/de-evolution and it is b17 the antidote for salt and inflammation and hardening of tissues that brought! and hardening of the cells… that B!7 that made the people of
    atlantis’/native america live so dang long?
    now my great great great great great +++grandpa live to be 110 at least and loved pork and smoked tobacco !

    having blast you all!
    chicken little turtle island

  • The biggest major obstacle to progress in the Earth sciences today, is the more than a century, and a half of untested gradualist-assumptive reasoning that’s been put on the library shelves in lieu of curiosity-driven, tested science.

    Most of us who have identified potential catastrophic geomorphology, and which landforms have been previously described in theoretical uniformitarian/gradualist assumptive terms, find ourselves facing a two-fold problem. Before we can begin to describe what we think really happened at a given location, we have to dismantle all the untested, and untestable, uniformitarian assumptions for that location. And in most cases, those assumptions have gone unquestioned for so long they are treated by the academic community as empirical fact.

    ‘Know your enemy.’ Whether you are arguing the case for a young-Earth, or if you are arguing for an old Earth, ‘Neo-catastrophism’ you will first need to effectively show that the old uniformitarian assumptions are wrong for your study locations. In other words, you’re going to need to dismantle the uniformitarian argument before you can effectively present your own.

    Whatever your views on Young Earth geology, or catastrophe theory, we are all dealing with the same obstacles. And fighting the same lies. And no group of people have a better handle on the gaping holes in uniformitarian landform theory than the creationists.

  • chicken little

    if the sciences declares anything non fact and then mocks it .. they are then relieved at having to disprove or prove it right? then we have the current state of affairs.
    them ‘proving ” irrelavent” issues they have created in their own imaginations.
    so what now we are required by them to disprove their wild imaginations?
    no but I can prove eye witnesses and recorded history!
    I can not disprove their wild imaginations, and I should not be required to either!

  • Steve Garcia

    A bit on a tangent…

    Rich, may I suggest that your listing of the author of the book “A Course in Miracles” as Jesus might be better listed as “Jesus”? Helen Shucman, the overt author, labeled her non-corporeal source as an entity she gave the name of “Jesus,” but Shucman was a woman with a sordid life and such a book from such a source would not be as readily accepted as one purporting to be from the one and only Jesus.

    At the same time, I do agree with your listing of Jane Roberts’ Seth books as mind-expanding, for laymen and scientists alike.

    I would suggest one a bit more scientific, “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot. It posits that time and space both are a single holographic construct in which the human mind seems to have some capacity to direct or organize it, in ways that seem to lead to the inclusion of paranormal phenomena into “science”. Unfortunately the work done by the scientists Talbot discusses (physicist David Bohm and brain researcher Dr. Karl Pribram) does not seem to have been followed up.

    I would agree with you, reality (space-time) does seem to extend in not only in the time longitudinally in the +/- direction, but also radially. But if reality is holographic, then it may not be merely a convenient construct of the human mind. At the same time, it may be our minds that creates the entire hologram in the first place.

    Sorry, folks, for the digression. Rich, if you’d like to carry on a conversation along these lines, let me know and we can do it via emails.

  • George Howard

    Always surprises me the Plato dating “coincidence” does not come up more in popular coverage of the YDB debate, if just to make fun of it. Neither the legit proponents nor the popular criticism have much to gain from bringing up “Atlantis” I suppose, snicker;.

    Sad. Clearly its all of a piece and our kooky aunts had decent insights.

  • Steve Garcia
    January 9, 2011 at 12:56 pm
    A bit on a tangent…

    “Sordid” is opposite of any term I would apply to Helen Shucman, having studied A Course In Miracles since August, 1977, almost half my life at age 68 — as a user, not a believer — send me your sources re Schucman and any other critical materials, as I am very open minded — I took three classes daily last year for $64 monthly from in Sedona, in my mind the most thorough study center — yes, I hope you and anyone else interested in experiential routes to expand personal experience and identity will join our private discussion at [email protected] Rich Murray 505-819-7388 — Course in Miracles Society has the best well edited version, free as daily mailings — various deeply sophisticated spiritual traditions seem to me to converge, including also Sufi ,Aurobindo, nondual Vedanta a la Ramana Mararshi, Poonjaji, Andrew Cohen, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle and many other independent operators in modern nonduality.

  • chicken little

    more appropriate word would be
    islands or “lands of the
    yes very sad… just the tell cowards to explain recorded history or they will remain irrelevant!

  • Terry Egolf


    For some reason, the Leave a Comment link on your Atlantis post sends me to a blank page…