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Video: Clovis Comet theory

Here is an informative — if breathless — YouTube clip from one of the several television programs aired in the last year or two that featured the proposed Younger Dryas event.   I am not certain of the name of this particular program — Mega Disasters “Comet Storm,” or some such.  In any event, the Cosmic Tusk is nothing if not multi-media, and we will present any scrap of info in any format we think advances information related to, or interest in, this field of study.  I also like science TV:

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  1. George,

    I believe the video shown on the first Cosmic Tusk page is from a History Channel program and iIn my opinion) is one of the most inaccurate of the videos. It perpetuates many of the hyperbolic claims of the original proposal that has generated fairly critical response; especially from archeologists.

    The Clovis people weren’t exterminated but ‘merely’ decimated or worse. To the best of my knowledge there are no known Clovis cave paintings. At this time, the fragments of a comet airburst appear not to have been sprayed over the landscape but rather the ejecta from a surface impact seems to have been distributed over a wide area. To the best of my knowledge, no certain ET materiel has yet been discovered. We seem to have been discovering a tektite or micro-tektite ‘strewn field’. If that’s indeed what’s been discovered, then the YD investigation has revealed the largest strewn field ever discovered. That is, by itself, a sigificant discovery.

    The History Channel videos have too many journalists and not enough of the clovis investigation team who were prevented by prior agreement from appearing on this program.

    As an alternative, the excellent Nova program entitled ‘The Last Extinction’ can be viewed at:


    One service your website could provide is a critical analysis of the quality of the various video programs that purport to ‘educate’ the public. That could be very important because, right now, such shows and their networks, are held to a very low standard of accuracy. Thanks for going to the trouble of setting up this blog.

  2. Malcolm, thank you so much for your comment (A first!). The NOVA program is indeed far, superior and more accurate, than this HC program, as you say. I will have links and reviews of all of them in time I hope. CT

  3. I would like to leave a comment as the Marie Agnes Courty poster session. Her results do look very impressive indeed. The event of which she speaks appears to leave a very similar signature to many other suspected, what I will call encounters. Not only is this true for event she alludes to here at around 4500 BP, but also coincides to a number of other times such as 540 AD, approximately 3600 BP, and of course, to the interval that we are all concerned with that beginning at around 12,900 BP (the Younger Dryas stadial). It just so happens, that (and perhaps this can be explained by the influuence also of bolides) gravitational forces from the comet and or asteroids may well excite the Earth into producing earthquakes that then tend to mask the real culprit (extraterrestrial objects). Researchers such as Marie Agnes Courty, Drs. Victor Clube and William Napier, as well as Mike Baillie and Robert Scoch are to be, I think thanked for placing their reputations on the line in presenting the idea of comet encounters. Thankfully, these far thinking scientists are out there continuing to support the comet hypothesis ideas. Rod Chilton.

  4. Thanks Rod. Those are some my favorite people as well. Ham and eggers like you and I are punks in their shadows.

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