Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

I finally got my PC laptop keyboard fully repaired and an updated operating system…….to hell with all my wonderful Apple devices for blogging. Taking nominations for posts…

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  1. definitely long in the tooth…

    How about set up a discussion forum on your blog, so people like me can submit original material and get feedback — set up a core group of moderators to monitor it and keep the quality of discussion civil and productive, while allowing all points of view…

  2. Hi George –

    The issues coming up:
    1) The biggest one is separating out the effects of the YD impacts from the normal ice age process.

    I think it very likely that there has been a strong research bias towards looking at the Atlantic Current rather than the Pacific Current.

    2) The extent of the North American fires. From what I can make out now from the First Peoples memories, these were mainly in the Northwest.

    3) The species that were extincted, and their ranges.

    4) IMPORTANT No one, to my knowledge, has examined the effect of covering the ice sheets with soot. This should have increased absorption of the Sun’s energy, resulting in higher temperatures, resulting in less ice sheet, resulting in increased absorption of the Sun’s energy, and so on…

    5) Detection and research funding
    6) 73P encounter in 2022
    7) Counter-measures

    Rich, I have told you before that conversations and exchanges are going on, but that they are restricted among certain individuals. The behavior of a few individuals here have given good reason for that to be the way it is.

    Rich, I have also told you before that I have email accounts that I use only on other computers. There are good reasons for that to be so as well.

    George, I don’t know how to handle the private versus public part of this. Your own questions about your local features, the bays, has been answered pretty well, but will need further work to tie it all down, and there is $0 funding.

    I had a whole lot of my time wasted by the above mentioned deranged individuals. I particularly resent the loss of time I could have spent playing ball with a 2 and 1/2 year old.

    Benny Peiser handled an impact researchers’ workbench.
    Its loss is greatly regretted.

    Geoge, you have a family and a full time job in another field, so I don’t think you could run a new impact researchers’ workbench by yourself.

    I can’t do it due to my stroke.

    The anti-Holocene Start Impact campaign has been effective, so far. We live in a culture where being wrong has no consequence.
    That’s not the way the world works.

  3. Let’s see if this works.

    Here’s the climate function I was speaking about:


    Now run that inversely, and voila – the Holocene Start.

  4. Hopefully an example of the heuristic method at work.

    Here’s the climate function I was speaking about:

    Now run that function inversely, and voila – the ice melts, the Holocene Start.

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