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Number of days writer Richard Kerr has failed to inform his Science readers of the confirmation of nanodiamonds at the YDB: 4 years, 3 months, and 6 days

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Common culture embraces the Younger Dryas Boundary theory

Abstract: van Hoesel and Company discredit evidence they provide

Here is an abstract for a curious study from our Dutch friends. They call into question the presence of shocked quartz in the YDB despite the YDB “team” itself never making such claims. (Independent forensic support for the YDB hypothesis by our hero Mahaney did make such a claim for the Venezuelan deposits).

Strangely though, our low-land critics also call into question their own findings. Another earlier report from van Hoesel about these investigations where she also reports finding things.

The Younger Dryas impact hypothesis suggests that multiple airbursts or extraterrestrial impacts occurring at the end of the Allerød interstadial resulted in the Younger Dryas cold period. So far, no reproducible, diagnostic evidence has, however, been reported. Quartz grains containing planar deformation features (known as shocked quartz grains), are considered a reliable indicator for the occurrence of an extraterrestrial impact when found in a geological setting. Although alleged shocked quartz grains have been reported at a possible Allerød-Younger Dryas boundary layer in Venezuela, the identification of shocked quartz in this layer is ambiguous. To test whether shocked quartz is indeed present in the proposed impact layer, we investigated the quartz fraction of multiple Allerød-Younger Dryas boundary layers from Europe and North America, where proposed impact markers have been reported. Grains were analyzed using a combination of light and electron microscopy techniques. All samples contained a variable amount of quartz grains with (sub)planar microstructures, often tectonic deformation lamellae. A total of one quartz grain containing planar deformation features was found in our samples. This shocked quartz grain comes from the Usselo palaeosol at Geldrop Aalsterhut, the Netherlands. Scanning electron microscopy cathodoluminescence imaging and transmission electron microscopy imaging, however, show that the planar deformation features in this grain are healed and thus likely to be older than the Allerød-Younger Dryas boundary. We suggest that this grain was possibly eroded from an older crater or distal ejecta layer and later redeposited in the European sandbelt. The single shocked quartz grain at this moment thus cannot be used to support the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis.


Napier Paper

Download (PDF, 2.95MB)

Slide show: Tusk back from Jordanian dig



20150225_080632.jpg 20150225_080643.jpg 20150225_081239.jpg 20150225_083028.jpg 20150225_083153.jpg 20150225_085359.jpg 20150225_105238.jpg 20150225_105251-EFFECTS.jpg 20150225_111834.jpg 20150225_112805.jpg 20150225_113218.jpg 20150225_113222.jpg 20150225_114418.jpg 20150225_125444.jpg 20150225_133223.jpg 20150225_140423.jpg 20150225_140428.jpg 20150225_140734.jpg 20150225_142757.jpg 20150225_143255.jpg 20150225_143258.jpg 20150225_143828.jpg 20150225_143836.jpg 20150225_144135.jpg 20150225_144156.jpg 20150225_144256.jpg 20150225_144300.jpg 20150225_144547.jpg 20150225_150946.jpg

Tall el-Hammam Excavation: Tusk travels to Hashemite Kingdom in search of biblical catastrophe


Tall el-Hammam, Jordan Valley, Jordan

Nice background comment from Phil Clapham — who got me into this

Your correspondent has some fun news to share. The Tusk is writing from downtown Amman, Jordan, after joining Trinity Southwest University on a fabulous dig for biblical Sodom.

I have been meaning for weeks to let you all in on the adventure but have been distracted more than usual by my work and preparations for the trip.  Also, it seemed such a wild proposition that — until it actually happened — it seemed premature to “announce” it.

But here I am. Indeed, I can hear loud protest drums and Arabic chanting in the streets as I write (let us pray it is Pro-King).

The story of Steven “Dr. C” Collins and the Tall el-Hammam archeological dig is a wonderful tale. I know Tusk readers will hit Google and read all about it, so I will not stay up late explaining it all tonight.  But what attracted me to Dr. Collins and this project was more than simply the catastrophic tangent (which was plenty). It was also the intellectual courage, deep curiosity and faithful determination demonstrated by Dr. C and his team.

Like the YDB team, Collins et al. must not only convince the professional skeptics and know-nothings — they must also persuade their colleagues and traditional intellectual allies their quest is well founded. That is a difficult job, which makes it worthy and interesting.

So, I am here for two weeks and promise to provide some pics and irregular updates.  (For readers who are on Facebook and have not friended me in the past, please do if you would like to see some photos).

Quite reasonably, I cannot share any details regarding what is being found this season. But rest easy, my readers, it is extraordinary — and right up your alley.

Extraordinary or ordinary?: West responds to CBS about latest paper



We agree with them that glass could be formed a lot of different ways. We don’t have a problem with that,” said Allen West, a retired oil and gas executive who is one of the leading proponents of the theory.

“You can get them from grass fires but you also get melt glass from lightning, volcanic eruptions and you also get it from cosmic impacts. The trick is being able to tell them apart.”

West said house fires don’t explain why they found evidence of particles from the Syrian soil and in North America that contained rare minerals like suessite, which melts at 4,100 degrees, and corundum, which melts at 3,200 degrees.

No building fire can create those temperatures, a fact that refutes their hypothesis that this glass was produced in low-temperature building fires,” he said. “The sad thing is that these guys ignored all the high temperature evidence.”

So it’s clear the debate will go on.

West said he and several other supporters of the impact theory are readying papers that will provide further evidence of additional cosmic minerals at the sites, as well as more evidence shoring up the dates of the impact sites.

“The only time these melted minerals are seen in glass is when there was a cosmic impact or an atomic bomb blast,” West said of the new findings. “We can pretty much rule out an atomic bomb in Syria at that time.”

Questions raised over theory that an asteroid caused the Big Freeze, CBS, Michael Casey, Jan 7, 2015

Download (PDF, 3.75MB)

This week’s paper was in critique of this YDB team paper in PNAS:

Download (PDF, 12.61MB)

Mark U. Boslough

boslough uterus screenshot


As a rule, the Tusk is scrupulously clean of politics. There is a reference in my own blog bio to being a former conservative policy staffer in the US Senate, but that is background and not polemics. I am old fashioned and believe politics is generally if not inherently destructive of sound inquiry. The more political a scientist appears to me, the less likely I am to take him or her seriously.

Thus, Mark “Uterus” Boslough. I simply cannot help myself from posting the sad and ridiculous news that The Bos – tormentor of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis and frequent subject of this blog – has renamed himself on social media.

If you are wondering, Boslough assumed the “Uterus” appellation out of sympathy for a senator’s failing 2014 campaign. Readers are forgiven for forgetting the election trivia that departing senator Mark Udall (D-CO) was dubbed Mark “Uterus” Udall by his state. Udall’s shameless consultant-driven flogging of an imaginary “War on Women” became a joke — and he got clobbered.

Boslough maintains the silly moniker today, nearly two months following Udall’s rejection by voters.

If you doubt a federally funded media scientist would be so foolish and overt, take a look at the Bos’ public Facebook page, or his regular contributions to the Huffington Post. It is pure polemics. No cat pics, hiking in the mountains, or birthday parties for The Bos’ Facebook. Just snarky, condescending, frequently vile and universally left-wing political red meat. And his HuffPo work, which at best could provide informed commentary on threats to all of us, instead proselytizes science as a political tool to damage some of us.

For The Bos, politics is not the contest of ideas — It is the justification to silence opposing thoughts.

But why should it matter that Mark Boslough is a polemicist with two left feet? It matters because his politics have had a significant negative influence on our favorite topic here at the Tusk, the Younger Dryas Boundary Hypothesis.

First, it is well rumored that he was directly responsible for a PBS NOVA episode sympathetic to the ice age impact, “Mammoth Mystery,” being removed without explanation by WGBH Boston and PBS’ on-line streaming service. If true, this was a despicable act of intellectual suppression and digital book burning. I’d welcome hearing The Bos was uninvolved and the decision was inspired by the producers. But I doubt it.

Second, his fetish to alarm the public regarding climate change overcomes his assessment of relative threat with regard to cosmic impact – his own field! [Don't miss the only comment at the link]  Boslough is like the smoking oncologist who tells you not to worry about your habit. Death is near but it is not his problem.

The Bos actually makes a living downplaying the seriousness of his own damn subject — while stoking a fever pitch of worry for another! He is cynical 21st century media politics at its best…and science at its worst.

Library Fire


Update: I have now re-uploaded another half dozen publications to recent posts. Slowly but surely…

A disaster befell our favorite blog late this summer and for weeks I have cowered under my digital bed, pained and confused about what is to be done. While still tender, I have summoned the courage to speak of it now, will try to characterize the forward challenge, and perhaps gain some assistance from readers in plotting a course home — walking as I must.

The entire “Scribd” library of publications embedded in over 350 posts by the Cosmic Tusk has been lost. On the basis of copyright infringement the Scribd service summarily canceled my account without the opportunity to retrieve my uploads or otherwise mirror the files to my own computer. The PDF’s embedded in hundreds of posts, as commenters have noted, are all now dead ends.

I have struggled to re-embed one lonely PDF — the most recent one — in a previous post regarding Napier and Wickramasinghe. Only 300 or so uploads to go.

I am tentatively committed to working myself back through the Tusk, determining along the way what documents were originally posted to Scribd (no easy task), obtaining the paper from my own or others’ files, and reposting the PDF text to a server with no intermediary service — all while keeping a reliable copy on my own machine in case such a catastrophe should occur once more.

Woe, oh, woe. All is lost and in ashes.