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Elapsed time since Richard Kerr failed to inform his Science readers of the confirmation of nanodiamonds at the YDB: 6 years, 2 months, and 2 days

RIP: YDB team member Paul DeCarli

I was sad to see a forwarded note last week from the daughter of Paul DeCarli informing folks of his passing. Paul DeCarli joined the YDB team in recent years as an expert in nanodiamond formation and other high energy matters related to our investigation. Readers may remember a post on […]

The Eyes Have It: Clovis peckers record YDB event in America’s oldest petroglyphs?

Clovis Petroglyphs: Eyewitness to Younger Dryas Boundary Event? Benson 2013 by George Howard


Mahaney….Again!: New Evidence from a Black Mat Site in the Northern Andes Supporting a Cosmic Impact 12,800 Years Ago

Source: JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY Volume: 121 Issue: 4 Pages: 309-325 DOI: 10.1086/670652 Published: JUL 2013

Abstract: Previous work has ascribed a cosmic impact origin to black, high-temperature, carbon-encrusted beds (2–3 cm thick), associated with the Younger Dryas readvance of ice at 12.8 ka during the Late Glacial in the northern Andes of Venezuela. The […]

Baillie Years and the Black Death

More info here and here

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