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Egypt Unplugged
New media creatives share the adventure
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The only thing more fun than touring Egypt top to bottom is making the trip with creative people that record the adventure and share it with millions worldwide.

Lemme know if I’ve missed anything, but below is the growing body of work I’ve collected and will keep updated. The Tusk is thrilled to have the memories and interpretations of our wonderful expedition to enjoy for millennia to come.

With a little luck, our Digital Overlords will find it worthwhile as well and the content will persist for future generations;)

Jahanna James Facebook and YouTube

Bright Insight YouTube and Instagram

UnchartedX YouTube and Podcast

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  1. I was rereading Peter Tompkins “Secrets of the Great Pyramid” and came across an interesting point in Chapter 18, page 219.

    “Recent Soviet authors postulate that the Egyptians may have come from Indonesia when their civilization was devastated some ten to twelve thousand years ago as a result of some catastrophe such as the falling of an asteroid.”

    This was originally written in 1971, so just how far back does the theory of the Dryas Impact go and what do the Soviet’s know? The frozen Siberia records of the impact may have been explored much further back in Russia then elsewhere. There is another comment about the Soviets finding artifacts during the Aswan Dam construction that showed the Egyptians had advance knowledge about the solar system.