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Black mat becoming a thang
event December 27, 2019 comment 0 Comments

Well, maybe it’s not really a “thang,” yet. But the Tusk is having some popular fun on Twitter tweeting photographs of the iconic, but relatively unknown, Younger Dryas Black Mat.

I think many people interested in our subject have some sense that a clearly visible, multi-continent-wide, destruction layer exists, but many others certainly do not — and we all need to see more of it.

So I tweeted the black mat pic below last week and it proved popular on Twitter (for the Tusk at least). For better or worse, I committed in a reply to tweet-a-black-mat-pic-roughly-once-a-day, for a year. Like more cowbell, more black mat is always popular it seems, since subsequent pics were liked and loved too.

I think seeing the black mat may be intrinsically interesting to all people. What indeed could be more interesting than knowing that directly beneath our feet, at locations (with stable aggradation of sediment over 13 millennia) throughout the USA, North and South America, and overseas, is a little bit of a lot of hell?

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