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Tusk at Sedona Conference

The Tusk is back from a wonderful four-night stay in Sedona, Arizona, where I gave  a presentation on the Younger Dryas Impact. Wordviewz Media and HowTube’s conference was another milestone on my own journey from hard-headed, meat eating, materialist; to hard-headed, meat eating, materialist…who loves hanging out with the Arizona “crystal crowd.”

God bless their soul.

As I told people repeatedly over the long weekend, it’s such a joy to talk with others about the Younger Dryas Impact. If you haven’t noticed, I spend a lot of time on the keyboard concerning the Younger Dryas Impact. Sometimes I’ll call one of the primary researchers. And every now and then, for a few hours, I might even discuss the subject on a podcast.  But altogether that’s not much “talk time.”

In Sedona, the guy at the pizza shop asked what I was doing in town — and we proceeded to compare notes on the Black Mat.

What a town!

All the presentations can be seen for a fee on HowTube. My talk was on Easter Sunday and I also participated later that day in a lengthy and substantive Q&A answering questions with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. Altogether I spent nearly five hours on the spot.

The full day is available here for $55. Sorry for the charge, I’m working on it;)




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