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Blockbuster depicts the physics and astronomy of the Younger Dryas Impact in modern times
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  1. After watching the trailer ,it’s evident that it depicts , very accurately the description of those who survived the Tunguska event , as was discussed in last weeks “Kosmographia” podcast .

  2. My collection of Native American memories of the Holocene Start Impact Events my be found on academia.

    And yes, there were TWO of them, as may be seen here:

    I’m sorry George, but there is nothing tying either of these impact events to the Carolina Bays, which I currently suspect were from another yet earlier impact.

    The Great Dismal Swamp does appear to be an astrobleme, if that is any comfort. Time for someone to do some diving there and collect samples.

    typed with one hand, July, 2020.

  3. Do you know about Evan Hansen, who possibly first noticed the black layer in Escalante desert quarries, abou 1980? I am piublishing a book with some twenty letter from him and my comments. Would you like to see it? he died some 20 years ago.