What would the planet do without the tireless?

I love how our subject draws in gifted obsessives from around the world. One example is Marc Young in Australia who compiled The Bib last year. Soon after The Bib was released, Dr. Martin Sweatman University of Edinburgh picked up and leveraged the easily available information.  In a incredible feat of “grinding it out,” Martin has worked his way through each and every paper on The Bib in a fantastically helpful series of YouTube videos — which he personally narrates.

While Martin is speaking with an editorial and dulcet voice, and clearly supports the comet hypothesis, I doubt anyone would say he is unfair to the peer-reviewed literature. He has obviously read every single last paper, applies reason and balance to each in his descriptions, but remains unconvinced by the diminishing band of critics and their flawed studies.

A few popular videos are posted below. And here is his book on Amazon “Prehistory Decoded

I wonder how many other British scientists, in order to describe the true history of modern man, led a class of 34,452 students last month through a deeply technical investigation of earliest Natufian agricultural and the physics of high-temp melting?

Martin Sweatman deserves one of those Queen medals.

Episode #1

Abu Hureyra Episode

Most recent episode #16

Sweatman interviewed by UnchartedX

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