Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

News Flash: Dr. Christopher Moore on recent excavations

Younger Dryas Boundary under investigation in South Carolina

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  1. Do you recall this discussion thread on a WUWT post dated July 27 ,2020 concerning the preliminary White Pond sediment core results George ?…..John Tillman [ who is he ?] slandered you as the ‘crackpot in chief’ , repeatedly scowled the YDIH proponents had “nothing” , insisted no impact proxies existed anywhere , sneered that a reputable paper [ ” Evidence of Cosmic Impact at Abu Hureyra Syria at the Younger Dryas Onset …:High Temperature Melting 2200 C ‘ Nature Communications , March 2020 ] that is yet to be refuted was a “pack of lies ” [thus defaming the authors as ‘liars’] , and then bizarrely concluded his contributions to the thread , quoting an excerpt from a paper mentioning the feasibility [!! ] of four YD onset hypotheses – including the extraterrestrial impact scenario – thus contradicting his own determined denial :

    ” Each of these four possible triggers for the YD event is complex , and there is not a clear consensus as to which mechanism or combination of these events initiated the YD cold period ”

    Another contributor named Javier , who recognized iridium [ found at the YDB Abu Hureya site ] as an impact signature proxy – only for Tillman to arrogantly dismiss the iridium signature as ‘bogus’ [ that must be news to Alvarez team ] – contradicted himself on the merits of ‘hypothesis driven science ‘ as well https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/07/27/new-evidence-that-an-extraterrestrial-collision-12800-years-ago-triggered-an-abrupt-climate-change-for-earth/

  2. I can remember that discussion at Anthony’s website. John Tilman seems to be a geologist but he is very opinionated whenever something radical is aired. Seems to be one of those guys who remains faithful to the stuff he was taught at uni and is prepared to defend it as much as he can. You can’t really argue with a guy like that as it is a sort of mental block. He often pops up in the comments section in order to shoot down what he regards as threats to his view of the past.

  3. Local news stories. Guess every area could have a YDB cataclysm event story in the not so far past. Keep Tuskin

  4. Thanks George
    It’s amazing how much history is getting tied together w/ the YDE(s)

  5. The more YD info I learn, the more I want to start digging in my own backyard.

  6. Philip : ” Tillman seems to be a geologist but he is very opinionated whenever something radical is aired ” There are multiple John Tillman profiles so I have no idea who he is ..There is nothing radical whatsoever about the perfectly plausible Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis that is all but proven and has the imprimatur of luminaries such as Wally Broecker , James Powell and Martin Sweatman …. The scientific establishment and mainstream legacy media have either ignored or suppressed or ridiculed the importance of the research.. Look at Alexandra Witze, Tillman and Mike Mann’s buddy Mark Boslough Read the literature on the “totschweigtaktik” George and other Tusker’s I remember two decades ago after David Key’s documentary ‘Catastrophe’ was screened , how, despite a few errors disclosed years later , it was unfairly pilloried in an awful review published in one of Australia’s more conservative popular newspapers. The Younger Dryas cataclysm and the ideas and discoveries of Bill Napier , Mike Baillie et al may well comprise a shadowing dark horse rival to the over hyped climate crisis movement and all the trillions of dollars invested and wasted [ not to mention the reputational prestige ] on addressing global warming

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