Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Saginaw Bay to Hiawatha Crater

Via the Nastopoka Arc in Hudson Bay

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  1. Interestingly I performed this same google earth connect the dots game a while ago when the Hiawatha was initially reported and to me it is interesting. No I don’t think the Hudson bay arc was formed at the same time as it was most certainly not. What is interesting is that we may well be seeing a pattern. Extend the line further to the north and oops, Russia and the Tunguska event. Further to the south and there is the Miami crater.

    Do these anomalies lining up that way form by chance? Or is there a pattern here we are missing? As this little rock we ride travels in very distinct patterns and those other rocks and gas balls around us follow distinct patterns as well then it is not a great leap to allow for cometary impact patterns over time as well is it not? No I do not carry a degree in astrophysics I am an Orthotist and studied biomechanics. I am just another watching with interest who feels we have been here for so long we forgot we were wiped out started again and repeated… again Pattern. How many times have we done this? How far did we get with society each time? For the further back you go it seems the earths wonderful ability to turn things over and re generate washes out our imprint.

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