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Martin Sweatman, like The Bos, is a betting man. But in this instance I want his side of the wager. Today Sweatman published a masterpiece of original, rational statical analysis reporting a series of planetary catastrophes as recorded by our elders in ancient symbols in cave art and carved rock. The historic rejection of ancient animal art as symbolic of constellations has been destroyed with this paper.

The statistical case supporting this view is based on an analysis of the probability that the animal symbols on Pillar 43 could have appeared in their respective positions by pure chance, given they match their associated star constellations so well. Given there are several pillars at Göbekli Tepe with repeated animal symbols, a statistical estimate in the region of 1 in 100 million that the animal patterns on Pillar 43 could have occurred by pure chance is obtained (see Appendix A). This estimate is based on ranking the animal symbols against each potential constellation, shown in Table 1, and is therefore open to criticisms of subjectivity. To dispute this statistical case, one would need to argue that the ranking shown in Table 1 is significantly flawed, and that for each associated constellation there are several animal symbols at Göbekli Tepe that provide a better fit than the ones that actually appear on Pillar 43.

The Younger Dryas Impact and the 37k event were both recorded. And keep in mind the Cosmic Tusk, as often misreported, dates to 37,000 years old — not 13,000.

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