Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Shaken not stirred: Zamora proposes ice impacts into fluidized sand surface to explain bays

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  1. same old thang..
    there was no ice on northwestern africa and no ice on south africa
    it had nothing to do with ICE!

  2. Gentlemen; I’ve taken the next step with my “meteorite” and cut a small notch into the back side of it to see the inside structure. I found small orangeish fleckings throughout the cut. Also ALL the cuttings down to the dust were magnetic. Next step is to polish the cut to bring out the metalic structures,then figure out who to bring it to for further confirmation.

  3. I like it, but I see the jump to a 11,000ka date has a problem, yet the desire to connect the theory to Y-D is understandable. The presentation by Michael Davias from GSA2012 (paper #28-14) is a compelling argument for a minimum date of 135ka. Everything else matches up very nicely! You just have to let go of that jump to connect the Bays formation event to Younger-Dryas. The argument for searching for stones is plausible, but the cost is excessive. Inverted rim strata, that’s very good. I hope someone with geographic creds takes that one on, myself – I am a music professor.

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