Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

Tusk appears with Chuck Reading on his popular channel concerning the Tall el-Hammam dig for Sodom, which I joined in 2014 and 2015. Updated list of podcasts here.

A clip concerning the Younger Dryas impact from an unidentified television show. Lemme know if you find the name!


Great work from Matt Sibley at Ancient Architects explaining the importance of the Younger Dryas event. Hint: It’s why you didn’t have to gather nuts this morning.

Typically insightful coverage from Tony Zamora concerning the ongoing debate regarding the age of the Carolina Bays.

Bonus pic: Tusk visits “The Cow and the Bull” in Eleuthera, Bahamas last week. I’ve long believed these two boulders were ripped from the seabed by an impact tsunami around ~1000 AD.

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  1. To this I add that this week is an ongoing virtual conference on planetary defence, 7th in a row, held biannually, and it has an excercise, which is interesting to check, and ongoing. The excercise with a hypothetical impactor, 35-700 m this time, can be found at


    To be updated daily for the next 2 days.

  2. That TV show video is computer-read. It says ‘experts believe…’ which is enough to discard it. No research there, just automatic generation for click-baiting. Better watch the planetary defense conference, which has real research.

  3. Hat down to Zamora. He has real research, and is correct.

    To his work, I add: the Carolina Bays were created on Aug 29, 10950 BC. Many details of this event are known, including the exact time of impact. I resolved them, based on impact forensics.

  4. Check out Chris Cottrell’s three videos on Paleo-Atlantic Shorelines and the Carolina Bays on his Dabbler’s Den YouTube channel. He pretty convincingly shows that the Carolina Bays were formed between 1 million and 400,000 years ago, which is consistent with Michael Davias’ estimated age of 800,000 years.


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