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Charles Appleton Day

Anyone interested in the speculative history of ancient North America will remember tireless communicator and Tusk buddy Chuck Appleton. I thought it appropriate on the first anniversary of his death to recall his timeless contribution. Cfapps7865 made more than 3000 videos concerning our mysterious past — or a video each day for nearly a decade. If the afterlife has a golf course, Chuck is…
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2021 Tall el-Hammam study makes final Jeopardy! question

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Repost: CRG on TV

Program note: My apologies to subscribers who received my email last night, but were unable to see the post later today. I migrated the Tusk this morning to a new server and my most recent missive was a victim of the transition. Here it is again: The Comet Research Group’s 2020 Nature paper, “Evidence of Cosmic Impact at Abu Hureyra, Syria at the Younger Dryas Onset (~12.8 ka)…
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Video Round-up and the Foxhole

Cosmic Summit speaker videos