Exploring abrupt climate change induced by comets and asteroids during human history

UofA: Short, enigmatic event causes geochemical changes at start of Younger Dryas

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  1. I am surprised at the lack of comments on this paper.

    It is very interesting.

    While reading it i came across this paper fromn last year.

    “Concentrations of trace elements in four Late Pleistocene lake sediment sequences across Lithuania werestudied using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Such elements as Cr, Cu, Eu, La,Ni, Zn, Zr, and platinum group elements were used for constraints. The studied sediments depositedduring the time interval from Bølling to Allerød and to Younger Dryas. Material for sediments of theDengtiltis and Krokslys sequences was delivered from the same or very similar source. Geochemicalfeatures of the sediments are consistent with the presence of extraterrestrial material in at least twohorizons separated by ~2000 years, and resulted from two separate events. The younger horizon isdetected in all studied sequences and corresponds to the age of ca. 11.0e11.5 ka BP. Its geochemicalfeatures are suggested to result from a local meteorite impact/bolide explosion tentatively related to theVelnio Duob_es meteorite crater. The older horizon detected only for theUla-2 sequence corresponds tothe age of ca. 13.5 ka BP and is due to the bolide airburst. There is also suggested meteoritic material insediments dated as ca. 12.9 ka BP. The presence of volcanic materials related to the volcanic activity in theFrench Massif Central (a volcano of ca. 15.3 ka BP), and Laacher See volcano in Germany (12.88 ka BP) aresuggested for some sedimentary layers of the studied sequences”


  2. I agree, Cevin. This was the most significant paper of the year (so far) — and crickets on the Tusk!

  3. George,

    Some of us have -ahem- “Life Reasons” to be scarce.

    In my case, my wife is less than a week from her due date with our #4 baby.

  4. Congratulations, Trent! To you and your wife.

    I had four, too. Enjoy, and I am sure your other kids are excited and antsy to meet the new one.

  5. Congrats to Trent and wife. Enjoy them while they’re still young. Most games are designed for four players,– but my four have all grown up (so now the game is solitaire – no not true, I read and sometimes comment on blogs like this, whenever I get the chance and the grand-kids are not around).

    Re the subject matter above, there is enough evidence of cataclysmic events, the type that rule out small and localised. The more recent is the 2200bce (expounded in another thread) but there is also evidence of a series of others before that, up to between 6-7k years bce. One needs to correlate various available sources to build a more clear picture of this historical jig-saw.

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